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What is my IP address

Know your IP Address

This tool displays the IP Address of the device you are currently using. It also finds the Operating System and browse ...

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Counts the number of visits for a website

Visitor Hit Counter

This tool counts the number of visits to a website till the date. This makes a website lively which help build trust among si ...

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Domain To IP Converter

Live Word Counter

This tool counts words as you type. You can use this tool to count number of words in a document by simply copy-pasting the c ...

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Convert from one text case to another

Text Case Converter

This tool converts uppercase to lowercase, lowercase to uppercase, to sentence case, to capital case, to alternate case and t ...

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Javascript minifier

JavaScript Minifier

This tool minifies JavaScript code which will make loading of a webpage faster. It is also useful in protecting your code fro ...

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CSS minifier

Minify CSS Code

This tool minifies CSS code to save server bandwidth ultimately boosting page loading speed for a website visitor. It also he ...

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Octal to Hex calculator

Octal to Hexadecimal

You can use this tool to convert any octal (base 8) number to hexadecimal (base 16) equivalent. ...

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Domain To IP Converter

Domain to IP Address

This tool converts a list of Domain Names to IP Address. Please enter domain names, each in a new line. To do so type first d ...

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IP Address to Decimal representation conversion

IP Address to Decimal

This tool converts a standard IP address value to its equivalent decimal format. It is useful when you need to store ip addre ...

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