9 Websites to get free fonts for commercial use (2021 ranking)

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Sometimes, it becomes confusing and difficult to determine which free font download platform is best for finding a font that you are looking for to download when there are a lot of options. You do not want to waste your precious time just to find a website to get free fonts for your commercial or personal projects. This is the reason we have compiled the best and most popular font download services in this article where you can download fonts for use in your business cards, websites, blogs, logos, Cricut project, Procreate, Photoshop, Android, iPhone, graphic design projects for clients, Silhouette, printing, Google docs or any personal or professional needs.

Sites to download free fonts for commercial use

The license conditions vary from sites to sites. Hence it is a very good practice to check the license on the website or in the downloaded package itself before using the fonts mainly for businesses or where the font is a part of a product for sale.

Note that in this article, we have only included those sites that require no sign up to download fonts which is why we did not include sites such as FontBundles and CreativeFabrica. Given below are the web services that we have covered in thins post:

Web services for downloading fonts that are free to use for commercial needs

1. FontSpace

Free fonts for Cricut and more

FontSpace really has a lot of free fonts for commercial use for a wide range of needs. You can customize the preview text for all the fonts displayed by typing your own text in the text box given just above the font list. In, addition, you can change the color and size of the text and view the fonts according to popularity, trending, newest or by name, save the text image directly to Google Docs & other apps, download it along with the license agreement, get a link to the image, get the HTML code to be used in your website or markdown for Reddit etc.

You even do not need to visit the individual font page to download the font. However if you want to know more about the font for example the year it is created, then you can go to the font`s dedicated page. Some of the categories for free for commercial use fonts at this site are:-

  • Popular
  • Cricut
  • iPhone
  • Procreate
  • Teachers
  • Designers
  • Silhouette
  • Logo
  • Dyslexia
  • iPad
  • Shadow
  • Script

To view all the categories, click on "Styles" link at the menu bar, then on "View all the font styles.." button and use the search box to search for any category that you want. Make sure you tick the "commercial-use" search filter for the search results for all of these categories if you only want to view those fonts that are for commercial use. Otherwise you will see free for personal use fonts too.

There is also a font generator which generates a number of cool font styles for your custom text which you could use in Instagram bio or Facebook messages for example.

2. 1001Fonts

Get fonts for Silhouette at 1001Fonts for free

All the free fonts for commercial use in this 20 plus years old website is indicated by a green tag with dollar sign alongside each fonts displayed. The customization options for previewing the fonts at 1001Fonts are similar to those at FontSpace. At the individual font page on this website, you can comment, view statistics, illustration of the font and license information. You also get a readme file where you will be able to read about where you can use the font and for what purpose its use is restricted.

There is also a forum where you can find answers to your questions for identification of fonts or general topics and you even can give feedback about the website.

They are adding new fonts in regular basis and feature fonts for personal and commercial use such as:-

  • Teacher fonts
  • Fonts for PhotoShop
  • Silhouette Studio fonts
  • Fonts for iPad
  • Masculine fonts
  • Cool fonts
  • Scripts fonts
  • Serif fonts

3. DaFont

Largest free fonts download site

DaFont also has one of the largest collection of fonts on the internet mostly for personal use where you can filter the search results to display only those fonts that have a particular license type for example free for commercial use fonts (which they call "100% free fonts") or those having a particular size.

You can read their FAQ section if you don`t know how to install fonts in Windows, Mac, Linux or for use in websites. There is also a forum if you need any help which is divided into two sections - one for identifying fonts and another for general discussions such as using the downloaded font in Google docs, problems relating to commercial use fonts or any other issues.

Some of the fonts found at this site are:-

  • Silhouette
  • Teacher
  • Dyslexia

4. FontSquirrel

All fonts are free for commercial use at FontSquirrel

All the fonts at FontSquirrel are free to use for commercial purposes where you can browse list of fonts according to recently added, most popular, today`s hot, languages (186 languages) etc. You can also browse fonts according to classification such as calligraphic, serif, comic etc., according to tags or by using the font filter.

Each fonts have a number of symbols (of desktop computer, web, tablet and smartphone) to indicate whether it can be used for creating commercial products using desktop, can be used in websites, is allowed to be used in ebooks and for use in software or apps. List of popular fonts such as script and Serif can be found in this site.

5. Google Fonts

Free fonts for Android projects and others

At Google Fonts site, the fonts can either be downloaded as a zip file or used in web pages by embedding the HTML code (link or import) provided at the time of download. You can also use these fonts in your Android projects using the API provided by Google. They are also supported in iOS based apps and come under OFL license. Do not forget to read the license which is included in the downloaded zip file along with the font files.

You can search for fonts, preview the font by entering a sentence, paragraph, number or alphabets with variable font sizes at here. It is also possible to filter the result according to category of the fonts such as Serif, Handwriting etc., language, other font properties like width, slant, number of styles, thickness and also to show the variable fonts.

The font page of a particular font has a number of information such as styles, Glyphs, license, pairings and a description containing the names, a short bio and social media profiles of the font designers.

6. Dafont Free

DaFont free

There is no search box in Dafont Free, which leaves to you the only option of manually filtering and selecting fonts of your choice. But this site is simple and easy to use. The individual font pages contain description, license information, file format, number of files etc. In the same manner, the downloaded zip file contains the font file, a read me file and a license file.

Although all the fonts at this site are free to use, it is a wise decision to read the license before using the fonts for commercial projects. Some examples of free fonts found at here are fonts for logos, script fonts, serif fonts etc.

7. Befonts

highly customizable logo design software online

According to the license page at Befonts, you are free to use the fonts downloaded from this site for any personal use such as in personal blog, invitation cards for your family or friends, charities etc. and for commercial purposes (i.e. in situations where profit is generated) like in products which are for sale. But it is not allowed to sell the font itself or to claim that you are the copyright holder of the font.

To view the collection of fonts according to a particular font designers with a short bio, you can use the "designers" link placed at the top menu bar and you can also use the font identification forum where you have to upload an image of the font type and others will find the font.

Among all the categories, most of the fonts fall under Script followed by handwritten, Display and so on.

8. Font Library

OFL fonts at Font Library

The fonts at Font Library are categorized into Sans-serif, Handwriting, Monospaced etc. and you can also browse fonts according to language such as Polytonic Greek, Baltic, Devnagari, Tai Le and many others. majority of the fonts at here are under SIL Open Font License (OFL) which is free to use for commercial projects.

In the font`s details page, you can find more information about the fonts like font family, category, license type, supported language and an HTML code to use this free font in your website. Likewise, the downloaded zip file also has a readme file which contains license information.

All of their fonts can be easily used in websites.

9. Font Meme


FontMeme is a clean website without any distractions which allows you to browse collection of fonts according to well organized tags such as serif, fancy, scripts, gothic, retro, cursive etc. It is also possible to view the fonts collection according to style, theme and more.

You can also preview the font by generating a text with different sizes, text effects & colors and use the embed button to get the HTML code to embed the text image on your website or blog. The downloaded zip file contains a TTF font file inside it.

Ending Remark

As you have seen in this article post, not all free font sites are created equal. If these 9 free font for commercial use sites differ among themselves, it is obvious to become confused while searching for your specific needs like to look for fonts that cost $0 yet can be used even for creating commercial products using Cricut or photoshop. And that is where Goonnoo wants to help you decide by providing a curated list of reliable and genuine service providers not only for this article but for all the articles that we have at this blog.

Now its your time to browse the site that best fits your scenario and let us know about your experience.


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