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Ranking of antivirus software that are basically free

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Search engines can find you web pages for those antivirus software which include search terms such as "free" but can they verify that its really free? No! And that is where Goonnoo articles come in where we rank only the best, forever free and/or really free services/ stuffs found online. We always try to make our list full of providers that offer the most and/or the best things for free. This article also follows the same philosophy.

Complete version of really free for life antivirus softwarre
Representative Image from Microsoft Defender

There are not much articles on the internet about those antivirus software whose full version is genuinely free forever. So, most of the time, you will be left with those antivirus programs that:-

  • ask you to buy a paid plan for even a small feature like displaying the location of the threat in your device
  • take too much time to download/ install and makes your system slower
  • are only a free trial version
  • require an upgrade for even a simple extra feature such as speed optimization, system cleanup etc
  • ask for your full name and email to download the software
  • are incompatible with other antivirus software
  • won`t do what it promises to do

We decided to write this article so that you could avoid these time consuming and frustrating experiences of the internet world. Please not that while all of the listed antivirus programs in this article are for Windows PC, 360 Total Security also works for Mac and iPhone. We will write about free antivirus apps for samsung phone, other android based devices and chromebook in a separate article.

Ranking of absolutely free for lifetime antivirus

1. Immunet

Most reliable, effective and absolutely free antivirus

Immunet is an antivirus/ antimalware by Cisco which is based on one of the most effective, safest and most trusted antivirus engine called ClamAV and proprietary cloud based detection whose full version is genuinely free for as long as you wish. As it is a community driven antivirus, all the member`s systems get protected if any one of the member`s system is affected by a virus. So, you as well as your family members or friends will be protected if all of them use this software.

There are 3 scan modes namely Flash scan, Custom scan and Full scan. You can also disable any popup notifications or messages about threat detection/ quarantine etc. while playing games or watching movies by first clicking on "Settings" and then on "Game Mode" under "Notification Settings" from the antivirus dashboard. If you have any questions, there is a community forum where you can either search for the answer or ask a new questions for yourself.

One of the factors that differentiate this antivirus software from other popular ones is that since it is cloud based, the download and installation is faster and does not slow down your computer while it sits in your computer. Similarly it is also compatible with other antivirus software such as different variations of Kaspersky, Avira, AVG, Macafee, Norton etc. in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. In addition to scanning for viruses, it reports and quarantines other malwares such as Trojan in real time and notifies you through a notification pop up.

This best free antivirus is available for Windows 7, Windows 8/ 8.1, Windows 10, MS Windows Server 2008 R2, MS Windows Server 2012 and MS Windows Server 2016.

2. Microsoft Defender Antivirus

Excellent free antivirus with comprehensive scanning

Microsoft Defender Antivirus (formerly known as Windows Defender Antivirus) is the most effective, most reliable and safest built-in antivirus for Windows 10 PC which is totally free. It comes with the Windows Operating System as a full featured antivirus software which is capable of protecting your Windows 10 laptop or desktop from a variety of threats better than any other antivirus software. While this software was not considered effective in Windows 8 and earlier versions, it is considered to be an excellent free antivirus program for Windows 10.

It is capable of protecting your machine in real time by automatically scanning and updating in the background. This stand-alone antivirus software which comes 100% free with the Windows Operating System is also compatible with other antivirus software in which case it will run in passive mode. With this mode on, defender still scans for viruses but does not take any action. This antivirus uses latest technology such as machine learning and big data along with Microsoft`s own cloud infrastructure to detect and block any threat more effectively and faster than other third party antivirus programs.

Defender also protects your computer from Potentially Unwanted Application (PUA) such as ad injection, browser toolbars etc. You can also use this program to scan for emails and archived files such as Zip files. In addition, with Controlled Folder Access, memories, folders and files of your computer are protected against unauthorized access by unwanted applications. Lastly, if you want the Defender to not scan a particular item, you can add an exclusion for it. But note that those items could contain viruses which will compromise the security of your machine.

3. 360 Total Security

Comprehensive free virus scanning software for Mac & iPhone

360 Total Security is an Antivirus Software with extra features such as speeding up your device`s performance, cleaning up plugins & junk files to save disk space and a desktop organizer for PCs for tidying up your desktop icons (which you can choose to not show in your desktop). You can scan for viruses and optimize your machine`s performance with one click by running "Full Check" from the dashboard of the software. Regarding virus scan, there are three modes - Full scan, Custom scan and Quick scan which will scan for system settings, common apps, running processes, startup items and system critical files. The quick scan is pretty much through although not as time consuming as a full scan.

After the scan is complete, you will be able to see a list of items to be resolved, categorised as risk items and system anomalies. Also, if you want to view the details of an individual item, such as type of threat, description, file path, path in registry, suggestion etc. you can click on the exclamation (!) mark alongside each item.

Although you will see relatively more number of extra notifications for upgrade, third party software installs etc. (which you can safely close) than other antivirus software while using this software, a few of these messages are also related to preventing your system from being affected for example by viruses, trojans etc. and for downloading security updates for your system (although not as effective as virus scans for us).

This antivirus is available for Windows, Mac and iOS (iPhone) and also has an Internet protection plugin for browsers like Microsoft Edge which helps in detection of phising/ Trojan sites and protecting you while you shop online.

4. RogueKiller

RogueKiller virus scanner/ remover

RogueKiller Anti-Malware is an anti virus software which uses Artificial Intelligence and cloud signatures engine to scan and remove Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Rootkits and Adware. It is also capable of detecting future infections and is available for Microsoft Windows operating system. It has standard scan and quick scan modes in the free version (which is for personal use only) and you have to upgrade only if you want to scan for custom locations, for real-time protection, ransomeware protection, enterprise use or if you need email support.

You will see a full page ad when you click on "Download" button at their site, where you have to click on "Close" button to start downloading. While scanning with this software, you will be able to see how many outdated programs are detected on your computer and how to fix the issue. Also, you can pause, cancel or view results by clicking on appropriate button. The standard scan takes considerable time, so you have to be really patient.

After finishing the scan, you can view the scan results which shows the type of threat, clicking on which will open official webpage of this malware where you can find the description of the type of threat. Common threats detected by RogueKiller other than Viruses and Trojans include PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs), PUM (Potentially Unwanted Modifications) and Adware. You can also include an item as an exclusion if you believe that it is not malicious and view report of the scan.

5. Zemana

Zemana antimalware

Zemana anti malware is another virus scanning and removal software that is really completely free for lifetime. This software is lightweight which scans your device with greater speed to detect any malicious threats located anywhere in your laptop or desktop computer. When you click on download button at this software`s site, you will see installation instructions in the next screen.

There are two types of scan in this software. The default scan is called smart scan which is a quick scan of your computer and the second one is called a deep scan which is equivalent to the full scan of other antivirus software. The smart scan is faster and gives result within minutes. You will see your safety status after the scan is completed and you can also send an optional feature request right from the software interface.

The creators of this software believe that since it is not your choice to get your computer infected, hence disinfecting the device should cost you $0 too and should be so for life. Our experience also show that the free version of this anti malware is a complete version of antivirus if your only concern is to keep your PC free from viruses. It does not differentiate between the premium and free version in terms of scanning and removal of viruses and is available for PCs with Windows XP onwards.

At last

In this article, we have answered common questions that comes in to your mind while you are in search of an antivirus software such as what is the best antivirus software that is entirely free for lifetime in reality? and what is the most effective and reliable free antivirus software?

Most of the free antivirus software in this ranking are best suited for laptops or desktops having latest Microsoft based operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. These free programs are also an excellent choice for identifying and removing unwanted files due to the fact that they do not consume too much system resources such as disk space and do not compromise the performance of your computer which is a common issue with most of the popular and paid antivirus software.

We hope you found this article useful. Please let us know if you have any question or encounter any issue with any of the listed antivirus software using either the comment form below or through our contact page. Thank you for being part of Goonnoo!


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