Five $0 online logo makers with no sign up or watermark

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We don`t like the idea that we have to sign up, give our email address or pay for such a simple and normally less frequent service like creating and/ or downloading a logo and we are sure that neither do you like this practice which is also one of the reasons why you won`t see any irritating popups here at Goonnoo. But when you search and click on the search results for free logo maker online, you will realize how hard and time consuming it is to find a logo creation tool that allows to download the designed logo without the need to sign up, without watermark or without paying anything.

Free Logo Makers online with no registration requirement or watermark

Even if you find any genuinely free logo generator, it will let you download only low resolution file which is mostly useless or requires you to give attribution which is unrealistic in many situations. Some logo making tools require you to sign up even before you start designing the logo and some need your email or require to be registered with them after you spend time learning and designing the logo at their site.

In this article, we have covered those logo makers that cost $0 yet require no sign up to create and download watermark free high quality logo for any purpose such as businesses, websites, blogs, cafes, YouTube, gaming, clothing brands, Twitch, security company, bakery or any other purposes as mentioned below:

Logo creation tools that cost nothing, have no watermark and require no registration

1. TRUiC Logo Maker

TRUiC for Free logo download

TRUiC online logo maker is developed by a Michigan based companny calld Really Useful Information Company (TRUiC) which provides various services regarding the creation of limited liability company, hence the name of the website. It also supports small businesses in a number of ways one of which is their logo generator which is fully free and absolutely does not require any registration to download very high quality professional logo.

Even though the logo creator tool is very intuitive and easy to use, they also have a step by step guide on creating your logo in the same page and a very short intro video. They have separate articles on each of the industries such as YouTube channel, grocery store, bakery, blogging business, niche website, bank, live streaming business such as Twitch, gaming, law firm and a lot more. These articles are where they provide valuable info and insights about the specifics of the logo used as an inspiration examples from businesses from that particular industry with links for example logos of PewDiePie, Blackpink and Machinima for YouTube.

During the logo making process, you will get to chose from a number of options such as graphics or text based, industry of logo, font style, color combination and multiple logos will be generated to choose from. After you are satisfied with your final design, a very high quality logo will be downloaded in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format which is highly scalable and can be resized to any size.

Other that the logo, you can learn a lot about various aspects of starting a business from their website.

2. ThemeIsle Free Logo Maker

High resolution logo download at ThemeIsle

Start by entering the name of your business or any text you want to put in your logo in the text box labelled "Logo Text" and optionally a tagline if you have one, in the box just below it. Now you have to select a ready made free logo template to be used in your logo. This will automatically take you to the logo maker page where you will find a number of options to customize your logo and preview it in real time.

Note that there is no drag and drop feature in ThemeIsle Free Logo Maker tool. Everything is click, select or typing based. There are four customization features available - Logo, Typography, Layout and Colors which allow you to customize various aspects of the respective feature. For example, you can choose a symbol to be used in your logo and change the scale of the symbol under the Logo customization feature.

Likewise, you can change the font family, font size and texts in the logo, change the layout of the logo, apply different colors for the background, symbol, title and slogan of the logo by using various elements placed under the respective customization category etc.

3. LogoFactory

Absolutely free logo creator

LogoFactory is an online logo maker platform which is completely free and does not require any sign up or email. The downloaded logo is a PNG file of fairly good quality which is free from any watermarks. There is also a YouTube video describing the logo making process, a list of latest created logos on the site and also a list of newly uploaded symbols. You can also download their android app for creating logos.

To begin creating your logo, after you land on the home page, just scroll down a bit and you will see a big question mark, clicking on which will open a gallery of symbols to be used in the logo. Select your desired category of symbols (such as business, photography, food, sports, restaurant, technology etc.) and/ or chose a symbol by clicking on it. You will see the symbol overlapped on top of the company name text. Now click on the symbol, hold, drag and drop it to the top, left or any direction. Do same to the company name.

Now to edit the default text, just click on the text and enter your company name in the text box placed just below the area where the text is being displayed. You can also enter a slogan if you have one or just delete it by clicking on the text and then on the dustbin icon having a letter on it. You can also add extra text to the logo and customize the text such as choosing a font, applying shadow, changing the font, making it bold or italicised, change the color of the text or symbol and adding a form to the logo.

We however did not find any button (let us know if we missed something!) to change the font size of the text but that can be worked out by changing the design for example by moving the symbol to the left/ text to the right or moving the symbol to the top and the text to the bottom. We also noted that some of the features do not work for example, aligning to the left, center or right and interline feature. But it does not make a difference since you can use drag and drop method to align the elements.

Now when your logo is ready to download, you can click on the "Done, Download..." button which will take you to a page where you will be prompted to enter your email in case you want to get the logo in your email inbox and to subscribe to their newsletter. Just ignore this and click on the download button located just below the email submit box and your logo starts downloading.

4. ZillionDesigns


ZillionDesigns does not have much info about the tool in their website but its fairly easy to get started with this logo maker. When you scroll down the page a bit, you will see a number of ready to use symbols. Just click on one and it will appear in the adjacent work area. If you need more symbols, click on the "View More" button. Now click on the symbol in the workspace to start customizing the symbols.

You will get options to flip the symbol, adjust the opacity and change the color of the symbol. Similarly, when you click on the "Company Name" text, you will be able to change the text to your own business name, choose a font, select the font size, make the font italicised, bold or underline, flip the text, change the opacity and color. You can just click, hold, drag and drop the symbol or text to change their position. You can also reset your design or add a new text into your logo by clicking on the appropriate buttons located at the bottom of the workspace.

When your logo design is ready, you can click on the download button and you will get a fairly good quality JPG logo file.

5. Vectr

highly customizable logo design software online

We must tell you that if you already have an idea for your logo in your mind, are a bit creative and willing to spend a few more moments to learn about this platform then Vectr could be the most advanced and best online logo maker for creating very high resolution customizable logo that could be scaled without any loss of resolution and for any purpose. The quick interactive lessons is packed with basic features and there are user guide to better know the various aspects of this software and a number of tutorials including one which explains the steps of making a logo.

Vectr is an Imagine Group company which believe in developing easy to use graphic software which is intuitive and takes less time to learn. This online software is free as long as you wish and is also available to download for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chromebook. It is also the best free logo maker with image upload feature. After finishing the design, you can export your logo either in SVG, PNG or JPG format whose width and height could also be set manually at the time of download.

In the end

Those were the best watermark free online logo makers with no sign up requirements which could be used to design and download high quality professional logo for you commercial or personal needs within minutes without having to purchase expensive logo design software or hiring a designer. These online logo generators are 100% free and does not require a technical or graphic design knowledge to create logo design for your business or startup.

With these honestly free logo making services, you do not have to worry about spending hours searching for truly free logo makers and ending up with those that give you hassle of creating an account with them which you will rarely use even after years. With the above listed free logo creation providers you can simply open the tool, choose a pre made logo template, customize it, download and move on.

We hope you will find a logo that suits your needs. If not, then there are some popular logo makers which are also free with no watermark but require you to sign up/ login to create or to download the logo:-

  • Canva Logo Creator - Popular platform to create and download logos in various formats including video but you need to create an account.
  • Adobe Logo Maker - Many options for logo icons such as for Twitch but you need to sign up to save and download the logo.
  • Logo Genie Free Logo Design Tool - You need to register to download the logo. but quality is good
  • Wix Logo Maker - Sign up is required before you start designing your logo
  • NameCheap Logo Maker - Fairly good logo maker but you should sign up to download your logo.
  • Shopify Logo Maker - Designs are OK but registration is needed to save your logo and download. start designing your logo.
  • Turbo Logo Maker - You have to sign up to see the resulting logos.


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