Most used free online photo editors (for beginners and Pros)

Browser based photo editing with no sign up.

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In this article, we have ranked those web based photo editors which are used by most people and cost nothing. Some might be surprised to not see Photopea on the first position but as the title of the article indicates, one of our selection criteria is that it should be easy to use even for a non designer or for a beginner. Although Photopea is undoubtedly the most complete free online photo editor and best alternative to Photoshop, it is a bit difficult for those who are just starting out in image editing or for those with non technical background .

Popular Free online photo editors

Also, we have focused on cloud based photo editors (hence you won`t see one of the most popular offline image editors like Gimp in this list since it is available for download only) as everyone can have ease of access irrespective of the Operating System. But some of the listed photo editors have downloadable version too. Another criteria for the ranking is that the editor should be accessible to anyone without signing up at the respective website.

Now, as you know our criteria for this list, lets dive into the list of most popular free internet based image editing software:

List of most popular Free online image editors

1. Pixlr

free photo editor for beginners and professionals

There are two separate editors at Pixlr - Pixlr X and Pixlr E. Pixlr X is a lightweight, beginner friendly photo editor for quick and easier photo editing needs and Pixlr E is a more powerful image editor for advanced photo editing tasks suitable for professional photo enthusiasts.

There is a separate background removal tool which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to remove image background in one click which could be useful to be used at online stores. But in our experience, the resulting image is not perfect and a fine tuning is required. Luckily there is also an option to do just that.

Both the editors are layer based where you can also use the free templates available for Instagram post and Instagram story. You can download Pixlr X and Pixlr E separately for Windows and there are also apps available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac.

2. iPiccy

iPiccy is free with no sign up

If you need to enhance your photos then iPiccy could be a good option because it has a number of tools to fix various aspects of your picture such as Lip color, Mascara, Thinify, Eye Bright, Sunny Tan, Blemish fixer and more. There are also effects, frames and textures to apply to your photos.

Other editing options at this platform are Emboss, Add Noise, Color Balance, Smart Blur, Equalize, Dodge, Erase Background, Hue & saturation, layers and more. There are some features (indicated by an outgoing arrow enclosed inside a square) which can only be used by signing up at the website.

It is also available in Chrome web store.

3. Photo Pea

best free Photoshop alternative

If you are looking for the best alternative to PhotoShop which is free of cost and also available online, there is no better option than Photopea. That is why many are calling it "Photoshop in the browser" and yes it supports PSD (Photoshop), XCF (Gimp) and Sketch files.

It is the best option for those advanced users who need an affordable and online alternative to photoshop having all the features of Photoshop with shortcuts and working on layers as well as for those who are looking for PSD templates for Instagram, resumes, printing business cards and more (search or File->Open More->PSD templates).

You can watch video tutorials at their YouTube channel if you want to learn more on how to use this editor. Remember that the site is supported by ads.

4. LunaPic

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There are a lot of editing options, filters (like Neon, Country Flags etc.), arts (such as Sketch2, Graffiti etc.), effects (for Valentines, Cartoon etc.) and animations (Floating Hearts, Transitions etc.) at LunaPic but some tools might not work perfectly as expected such as transparent background tool.

This completely free digital photo editor platform is a good choice for editing photos for Instagram and other social media platforms as you can also save photos to these platforms directly or download in a number of image formats.

Some of the features of this ad supported editing service are Alpha Transparency tool under Adjust for opacity, Resize Image tool under Edit and Blemish Remover tool placed under Draw menu option.

5. Gifgit

free photo editor with layers

Although there is no automatic background removing tool at Gifgit, you can use the magic eraser tool to erase a larger area faster. This free cloud based editor has fairly good number of tools and hence a better choice overall for anyone who is into photo editing.

You can find a table where they have compared features of their platform with those of LunaPic which shows that their editor has features such as layers, layer masks, selection tools and undo history list.

One thing to note at this site is that there is a page reload before you can use a tool.

6. Sumo Paint

free photo editor like photoshop

While you have to buy a Pro subscription to download the photo editor app, online version of Sumopaint is free to use. The software is similar to Photoshop with features such as adding, duplicating, rotating and deleting of layers with various layer effects such as Inner Shadow and Stroke.

You can also change opacity, resize, add text, use the erase tool, lasso tool, magic wand etc. But remember that almost all the features under "Adjustment" and "Filters" tabs are paid ones.

7. Polarr

In addition to online version, Polarr is available to download for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chromebook. There are limited tools to use but good ones such as light adjustment tool, face detection tool, Spot Removal tool, filters and overlays.

8. Photokit

The best part of this AI based photo editor is its background removal tool (CutOut tool) which removes the background of an image so perfectly that the resulting photo does not require any fine tuning. Photokit also allows you to change the canvas background color to white, black, grey, brown etc. after removing the image background.

9. Edit Photos For Free

A good option for creating posters, EditPhotosForFree is a website that can be used by anyone who frequently have to perform simple image editing operations. This web based photo editor has an AI based automatic background removal app that is second best (some fine tuning is required) in this list after PhotoKit. You can make the background white after removing the background.

You can also resize the image for Shopify product, Pinterest tall post or Instagram post in one click and change the opacity of the selected object in the image.

10. Be Funky

Most of the tools at BeFunky are paid (those with small green circles alongside each tool) including one click automatic background removal tool. But there are a few free tools that are worthwhile to use. These include image resize tool (it is at Edit->Essentials->Resize), fixing blemishes, blush tool, red eye fixing, teeth whitening etc.

This is a layered photo editor with a support for layer groups too and is also available as Android and iOS apps.

11. Online Image Editor

The tools at OnlineImageEditor are divided into three tabs - Basic, Advanced and Animation. The basic tab contains tools to resize, crop, add text, rotate/ flip,border, round corner, photo frame etc.

Similarly, the Advanced tab contains tools such as Vignett, Transparency (you should try Transparent Box mode, its wonderful!), overlay images, cut shapes, speech bubbles, expand canvas and convert.

Lastly, you can use the Animation tab to apply floaties, add glitters, stars, flags of countries, rain etc. All the tools are entirely free to use at this site.

12. Photo Editor

PhotoEditor contains a number of filters such as Vintage and Grayscale and effects like Polaroid Photo and Decolor which you can apply to your images. There are also tools for shapes, free drawing, images of various categories to insert into your photo.

In addition, you can change the exposure values, brightness, contrast, shadows etc., adjust RGB values, resize, crop, erase the image and find the print option from the file menu. All of the tools at this ad supported site are free.

13. Foto Jet

If you only need to perform basic editing tasks such as cropping, resizing, rotating, controlling exposure and color, then FotoJet can be a good choice. However, advanced features are paid at this site.

Beside photo editor, there is a collage maker which can be used to create pictures collage for Valentine`s day, birthdays, anniversaries etc. by using your own photos of the special occasions. You can also use the available clip arts related to birthdays, food, Christmas, love and social media icons, backgrounds, stock photos, text effects etc. Remember that elements with a yellow crown indicates that it is a premium feature (i.e. not free).

This editor is also available to download for Windows based machines and Mac computers.


This article was all about those picture editors which could be accessed via web browser without paying a buck. While Photopea and Sumopaint are good alternatives to Photoshop and are the best choices for professional photo editing needs, all the other editors are beginner friendly, so of which could also be used for advanced image editing needs.

Not all the photo editors are created equal and that is the reason some are good at removing background from the image such as Photokit and listed here) while others like iPiccy could be a better choice for photo enhancement purposes. But whatever may be your needs, one of these photo editors could definitely be useful.

We hope you enjoyed the list. Thank you for reading through the article.


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