2021 list of genuinely free video editing software

Video editors that are not just free but 100% free

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You are searching for best free video editing software in your favourite search engine and get overwhelmed by seeing a lot of results. Then you click on the top ranked article whose headline gives an impression that this article contains a lot of options for fully free video editing software. You read all the great features and get convinced by a few and go to their website. But when you click on download button, you are required to signup. You think "No problem!". But the really irritating thing happens when you realize that these are not truly free video software but only free trial versions or those that require you to buy a paid app to use even a basic feature.

Yes, the article did not mention this fact but your precious time is already wasted. Realizing this fact, we have created this article to honestly present you only those video editors that you can use without paying anything. This article only contains those video editing software that are:

  • 100% free to use forever and not free trials
  • Contains no watermarks in the final edited video
  • Has no external ads in the software

Completely free Video Editing software

So, whether you are just starting out in video making or a working multimedia professional, the following list contains software that fits for every use cases:

1. Blender

blender is a free video editing software

Blender is not just a video editing software but a 3D creation suite which has video editing features like video splicing, video masking and more as part of it. Other video editing features include waveform visualization, histogram displays, syncing, adjustment layers and more. It supports maximum of 32 slots to add video, audio, effects etc.

This software has got a huge communities of independent users around the world in platforms such as Stack Exchange, Reddit, Discord, Facebook Groups and others in languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Malaysian etc. Also, there is a properly organized reference manual, Documentation (User manual, API reference, Blender for developer) and video tutorials for learning fundamentals and using this software.

First released in 1994, this software in a part of Blender Foundation which is a community organization. Beside video editing, it is also used for Animation/ Rigging, Rendering, Simulation, VFX, Game creation, Sculpting etc. So, it is a best choice whether you are into animation, game development, VFX or 3D Printing. That is why it is used for the production of the TV series called Rabbids Invasion: Mission to Mars.

Features & Facts of Blender:

  • Free as long as you wish
  • Best for advanced users
  • No watermark in final video
  • Available for Windows, macOS, Linux and Steam
  • Over 23 million unique website visitors which makes it one of the most used free video editing software
  • Best for advanced video editing projects

2. Shotcut

Easier honestly free video editing software

Available for Windows, macOS and Linux; Shotcut is not dependent on any system level codec which supports stereo, mono and 5.1 surround sound. Likewise, it supports a lots of video filters like Mosaic, Vertigo, Chroma Hold, Blur: Gaussian, Gradient etc. and audio filters like Noise Gate, High Pass, Compressor, Notch, Delay, Pitch among others.

The range of multimedia file format support is also wide as it uses FFmpeg library. The highest resolution this software works on is 4k and also 360 degree video filters. If you are a beginner in Videography, it is probably the easiest video editor to learn which has User Interface in more than 35 languages.

If you have any questions or want to learn the basics of this $0 video editing software there is a forum, how to articles and video tutorials on filter effects, keyframes, transitions and exporting including a full video tutorial of half an hour. Beside these, you have also an option of taking a paid video training course suggested officially which is not that pricey.

Features & Facts of Shotcut:

  • Webcam and audio capture
  • Tone, Color and text generators
  • Video clip reversal feature
  • Trim, save, load and play video clip as MLT XML file
  • Display of complete info on a video file
  • Supports multiple monitors and multi user interfaces
  • Hardware encoding support for AMD, Intel and NVIDIA
  • Best free video editor for beginners

3. VideoPad

Faster and lightweight video editor that is also free

One of the annoying about VideoPad is that every time you export your finalized video, a dialogue box reminding you of the trial demo version appears and you have to click on "I will purchase it later" and while installing this software, NCH suite gets installed along with it too. But when you have options to upload your video directly to YouTube, Flickr, Dropbox, Google Drive and Vimeo; it is not a big deal.

The best part of this fully free software is that it is lightweight and opens faster that other video editors in this list. In addition to this, it is also easier to learn/ use and is available on Android and iOS based devices. Other supported platforms for VideoPad include Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/ 8.1, Windows 10 and macOS X 10.5 & above.

Features & Facts of VideoPad:

  • Use without paying anything for non-commercial purposes
  • Works with a lot of video input and output formats including avi, mp4, mov, ogm, 3gp, YouTube, iPad, Mobile Phone etc.
  • You can add your own logos and watermarks to the videos
  • Video stabilization feature to diminish camera share
  • Choose from built-in professional video templates
  • Supports 4K, 2K and full HD resolutions and more

4. OpenShot

OpenShot is absolutely free video editing software

OpenShot has millions of users worldwide with clean and simple UI and supports over 70 languages. It is also easy to use and stable but also powerful. This award winning entirely free video editing software is a part of OpenShot Studios, LLC based in Rockwall, Texas. The editor is available on Windows (PC), Mac, Lunux and Chrome OS (Chromebook).

Similar to Shotcut, it also uses FFmpeg library which means support for many media file formats. OpenShot can be a good choice for 3D title animation effects, slow motion and other video effects. You can add as many layers as you wish for watermarks, video, audio etc. Media files in this software can be imported by using drag and drop.

You have to visit Reddit if you want to ask any question or for any forum support. Also, unlike other software in this list, there is no video tutorial. But the website has a fairly good user guide.

Features & Facts of OpenShot:

  • Guided tutorial when you first open the application
  • Opens relatively faster than other software
  • Widely recognized and used free video editor
  • No ads in the software
  • No watermarks in the edited clip
  • You can view real time preview of the video transition
  • One of the top non-paid video editing software

5. VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC is free yet powerful

VSDC is another video editor you can use for your complex video production tasks without paying a dime. This 100% free software supports H265/HEVC codec for export with support for a lot of other codecs, audio files and images files. There is also a one clic filters for Instagram style look which cold be very handy if you are a beginner. You can also export your edited video to popular online platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter easily.

This absolutely free to use video editing software comes with a built-in video converter with support for a number of video formats including HDVideo/ AVCHD, Flash Video, QuickTime, Real Media Video, WindowsMedia etc. You can also apply special effects such as blurring or removing unnecessary marks from the video. Other features of this application are motion tracking, a number of video capturing options and support for a lot of multimedia devices.

While there is no ads in this software, you will be shown a pop-up every time you open it which suggest you to upgrade to the Pro version which you have to close to continue using the software. But this much promotion should be acceptable, right? especially when it is completely free to use.

Features & Facts of VSDC Free Video Editor:

  • You can create and customize 3D diagrams with built-in color themes
  • 360 degree/ 3D editor to work for your VR video projects
  • Available for windows only
  • No guided tour for first-time users within the software

Executive Summary

As you have seen that there are 100 percent free video editing software which are useful for learning videography, for creating brand promotion videos, for editing your hobby viddeo or vacation video as well as for media professionals like colorists, VFX artists, editors and sound engineers.

As the video is the most effective way of expression than text, image or audio; the demand for video editing will be going to be very good and it will be a wise decision to choose this as a career option in which case the above mentioned completely free video editing software can help you getting started.

And now its your time to let us know which of these free video editors you liked the most?, why did you like it? and what are the positive and negative aspects of using them?


Is there a truly free video editor?

While there are a lot of top ranking articles that also include video editing softwre with only limited period free trial, which require you to pay to use the software for any meaningful way or which puts watermark in your final video, all the 5 software covered in this article including OpenShot and Shotcut are genuinely free to use for your video editing task and are available for various Operating Systems.


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