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Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are hot right now. So hot that you might have already heard that many of them are being sold for millions of dollars and even resold with multi million dollar valuations. As an artist or a crypto enthusiast, you can benefit a lot by converting your creations to NFTs. Although there are not many, a few websites offer this service for free.

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In this article, we have listed five platforms where anyone can create NFT art for free, even without having knowledge of coding. You can also download and sell them in various marketplaces like OpenSea, Mintable, Rarible, NiftyGateway, and SuperRare, etc. As these are also similar to other physical art pieces like paintings, they will also see value appreciation over time, even if you chose the NFT flipping route.

NFT makers that charge no fees to create digital art

1. Night Cafe

Best free NFT creator

Use the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at NightCafe to create unique digital art and download the generated NFTs in JPG format to sell to other marketplaces such as SuperRare (as you cannot sell your art at NightCafe itself), use it for commercial purposes, or use it as a wall art for yourself.

This platform provides two methods of creating NFTs: using an image and a style (you do not even need to have your image; there are free images and presents to choose from) or by simply entering text (which works by utilizing a machine learning algorithm).

It is possible to generate and download 2 items per day using the free tier, but this limit could be increased by various methods, for example, by liking others' creations, completing your profile, sharing the art on Twitter, getting likes on your NFTs, publishing your items or by purchasing credits. You can also use the earned credits to create and download higher resolution cryptographic art (from 0.4 megapixels for 1 credit to 2.2 megapixels for 5 credits).

The generated cryptographic art is watermark-free, and you fully own it. While you can start and complete the NFT generation process without signing up, it requires you to create a free account to view and download the resultant art.

This platform, founded by Angus Russell and based in Cairns, Australia, can be used on iOS and Android based devices by adding the web app directly to the homescreen of your smartphone. In case you are curious, the name of this platform utilizing the neural style transfer (NST) algorithm came from the famous painting by Vincent Van Gogh called "The Night Cafe."

2. Carnaux NFT Marker Creator

Entirely free NFT generator

With the Carnaux NFT Marker Creator, you can easily create and download NFT markers from images without signing up. You just have to make sure that the width and height of the images should be within 1000px for good quality of the generated NFT and use images that have a lot of visual information in contrast to the simple ones.

The process of creating an NFT is simple with this completely free web-based tool. First of all, you have to upload an image using the button that says,"click or drag image." As soon as the file is uploaded, the "Generate" button turns green. After you see your image in the upload area, just set advanced options like file name, dpi, level, leveli, sd_thresh, max_thresh, min_thresh, and feature_density.

When you click on the Generate button, the screen becomes blurred and the NFT generation process begins. After the completion of the process, the created file is automatically downloaded in ".iset" format (unless you have chosen to download it as a ZFT file using advanced options).

There is also a tool which converts NFT to ZFT on this website.

3. Open Sea Gas Free Marketplace

Create NFTs with no gas fee

There is a gas free marketplace on Polygon blockchain on the OpenSea where buyers can purchase without paying any blockchain fee and can create an unlimited number of NFTs without paying anything (this is possible due to lazy minting).

Before you begin the process of generating your art, you need to connect with your wallet like MetaMask, Coinbase, WalletConnect, or Fortmatic (you have to create a free wallet if you do not have one). There are only two mandatory pieces of information you have to provide while creating NFTs: uploading your creation and naming the item.

The system accepts images, audio, video, or 3D models (size not exceeding 100 MB) for upload with supported file formats like JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, MP3, WAV, OGG, GLTF, WEBM, and MP4.

You can optionally enter a link (to your web page) to be included in the details page of the item in the OpenSea listing for the potential buyer to get more information about the item. Other optional fields are: a description, choosing a collection to which the item belongs, properties, levels, stats, and setting the item as unlockable content or explicit and sensitive content.

Also, there are options to specify how many copies of the item can be minted, select blockchain, and whether to freeze the metadata in this first and largest NFT marketplace. After creating the NFT, you will see buttons to either edit or sell the item.

4. Mintable

Create and sell NFTs for free

You can generate NFTs from your creation, list it for sale, trade it and earn crypto at Mintable, and the minting is 100% free.

While creating an item, you will have two options: easy and advanced. In easy mode, which is the default option, there is no transaction fee, but when you choose advanced mode, you have to choose between gasless mode, where despite owning the item, you won't be able to see the created item in your wallet, until someone purchases it or it is transferred to your wallet and traditional mode, which includes all the features but you will be charged a transaction fee.

Now you have to either create a wallet (MetaMask or Web3) if you do not have one or connect it, after which you will be taken to a form where you have to select the category of the item you want to generate, such as art, collectibles, game items, music, domains, templates, or videos. Furthermore, you have to enter the title (token name), subtitle, description, price in either USD or ETH and its type, like fixed, auction, or auction with buy now.

If the price of the item is less than the transaction fee (which is around $50 to be paid by the purchaser), you will be alerted that either you have to increase the price of the item or move your item to the Zilliqa blockchain (as the gas fees are cheaper with it).

You also need to upload an image or video file to be used as the token image and, optionally, any private file (maximum size: 2 GB). Lastly, there is also a tick box to transfer the copyright to the buyer of the item which grants the buyer permission to use the item, for commercial purposes. Note that after uploading your file, the authenticity of the content is determined automatically by matching it with other images posted on other websites.

When you click on the button to list the item, you will be presented with a dialog box to sign a message in your wallet to send the transaction to the blockchain. Finally, you will get a message saying that your item is listed for sale. Now, you can view the item, share it to increase the chance of selling the item, or get the code to be placed on your blog or website to display a widget.

You can also subscribe to their newsletters to get various updates like NFT drops.

5. NFT Art Generator

Make NFT collectibles without paying anything

The NFT Art Generator allows you to create a collection of NFTs and download them along with Metadata, but the created NFTs all have watermarks on them.

The process of creating your NFT collection begins with creating the layers (enter the name and click on the "+" icon; obviously you have to create at least two layers) and uploading the assets such as images in the corresponding layers, which support PNG, GIF, and MP4 file formats and a size limit of 10MB.

You can set the settings of your project, such as the name of the project, its description, the number of files in the collection, and the height and width of the NFTs to be generated. Layer settings like the name of the layer can also be set and rarity can be adjusted (which controls the chances that the images will be selected when applying this layer). Rarity can also be set for individual images (just click on a particular image and the file settings appear under which you will find this option).

You can preview what your art will look like by clicking on the "Preview" button. After everything is setup and ready, just click on the "Generate Collection" button to start the processing. You will see a popup box while processing is going on, and at the end of this, you have to enter your email address to begin the download.

You will get a zip file that contains NFT files along with metadata, compatible with Ethereum (ETH) and Solana (SOL) blockchain.

Some more options...

As the crypto art industry is still in an early phase and the operational costs are high, you won't find many free options for creating NFT art. Other than the above mentioned ones, there are a few more makers that have free services as described below:

  • TokenMinter allows you to mint one NFT token on its free plan.
  • You have to email the image of your boat to them and they will convert it to a digital painting and email it to you, which you can sell on various other NFT marketplaces like Wax and Binance.
  • Bitski You can create NFTs without the need to pay or even give credit card details, as long as you do not publish your first NFT.


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