Online Plagiarism Checkers that are free for real (2021)

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In this article about actually free online plagiarism checkers, we have only included those platforms which:

  • are genuinely free to use
  • shows plagiarism (and/ or unique content) in percentage
  • has at least more than 1000 words checking limit
  • does not require sign up or account creation to use
Free online plagiarism checkers

Whether you are a student, teacher, writer, blogger or anyone who want to check essays, thesis, journal articles, research papers or other texts, below listed content similarity detectors can help you in identifying duplicate content and which in turn will help you to create unique content.

These text originality scanning services can be free alternatives to Turnitin, Grammarly, Scribbr, Unicheck etc. which either do not display percentage of plagiarism in their free versions, have very less word checking limit, only have free trial or have no free plan at all and so on.

There are even plagiarism detecting websites that allow so less number of words in the free plan that it is worthless to even try and also those that lure you to sign up for free usage but forces to enter your credit card details as soon as you create an account.

The story does not end here. Some websites even does not allow you to create an account after entering and submitting your info such as email while others does not work or throw errors.

Finally, to take things to the extreme and danger zone, there are apps that displays wrong (and just the opposite result) % i.e. you will get a higher percentage for uniqueness of your content while in reality it should be higher percentage of plagiarism which is a hazardous situation for you.

With these notes, lets have a look at our list of free online plagiarism detectors:

Web based originality checkers that are free to use without creating accounts

1. Check-Plagiarism

best free online plagiarism detector

To use this free plagiarism checker by Check-Plagiarism, you first have to enter the text or upload up to 5 files in .docx, .doc, .txt or .pdf formats, optionally input an URL to exclude by clicking on the "Show Advance Options" dropdown and click on "Check Plagiarism" button. The tool starts to check each sentences against billions of documents present on the internet.

You will be able to see the checking progress percentage along with what percentage of the content is unique (in green) and what percentage is plagiarised (in red). The tool also displays a list of sentences, whether it is plagiarised or not and an option to compare each sentences with the source even while the processing is going on which will show you the URL and the text.

Further, the "Matched URLs" tab shows a table of URLs along with corresponding percentage of similarities. You will also be able to view keywords words density for one, two & three words and can optionally sign up if you want plagiarism report.

If you are a site owner, there are plugin for WordPress where you can check for plagiarised content directly from your admin panel, a widget for websites (where your users can detect for plagiarism directly from within your site) and an API for educational organizations.

Limits : 10,000 to 15,000 words (per free search) with monthly limit of 50 queries for visitors and 2500 queries for free users

2. GreatSeoTools

free plagiarism checker unlimited

GreatSeoTools plagiarism checker tool compares your content line by line with other contents on the internet using Google search engine and displays the originality report for each line in tabular format where every line of text is marked with a red text reading "Already Exists" if it is similar with other texts on the internet and a green "Good" marking which means that this particular line of text did not match with others on the web.

This totally free plagiarism detection tool is run through ads however has only one method of entering text which is through copy-pasting your content and has no upload option.

Limits: 100,000 words (website mentions that you can use unlimited number of words)

3. Writix

free plagiarism checker uk

If you are a university student from the UK (writing research papers or essays?) and looking for free plagiarism checker on the web with over 3000 words support then Writix could be a good choice for you. It has similar functionalities as that of Check-Plagiarism mentioned above for example you can view what percentage of your content is plagiarised and how much of it is unique, what are the links of sources whose content is similar to your content and to what extent. You can also see which pieces of your text matched with the sources mentioned.

While you can select between essay, website content, resume or other for the content you want to check, it is not possible to view the source wise similarity percentages, plagiarism report or keywords words density at this ad free website.

Limits: 19,900 characters (approximately 3000 plus words) unlimited number of times

4. PapersOwl

free plagiarism checker owl

Free plagiarism checker by PapersOwl supports more than 150 languages and displays what percentage of the content is similar and what percent is different from the sources displayed, each of which also displays content matching in %. Parts of your entered text is also highlighted and marked with the sources whose contents are similar. You will be also able to exclude a source if you do not want to check your text from content from a particular source.

The upload options available at this completely free plagiarism checker are pasting content into the content box, uploading Google docs directly from Google drive or Dropbox or uploading from your device in DOCX, DOC, PDF, TXT, RTF or ODT formats.

This duplicate content checking service also has separate websites for Canada and the UK based users.

Limits: 10,000 characters (around 1500+ words)

5. OnlinePlagiarismChecker

free plagiarism checker and grammar checker

Although similar to PapersOwl, OnlinePlagiarismChecker also shows grammar mistakes like typos, missing comma, spelling mistakes etc. with suggested edits which you can apply just by clicking on the mistaken word or phrase. After completing the checking process, it displays your content`s overall percentage score and a list of sources with corresponding similarity index.

You can just paste your text or upload Microsoft Word or PDF files to check for plagiarism at this website which does not have any adverts or sign up requirements.

Limits: 10,000 characters (around over 1500 words) and there are no limits on how many times you can use this tool

6. Studyclerk

With free plagiarism checker by Studyclerk, as soon as you paste your essay, blog post or any other documents to check for any duplicate piece of content and hit the "Check for Plagiarism" button, you will discover that your text has been highlighted with red color to indicate those bits of your text that matched with contents at other sources on the internet.

This 100% free app also gives you a number in % which represents what amount of your content is original and a table which displays those locations on the web where you can find the content that are similar with the text entered by you. It also shows how much the contents are similar. Here too, you can get plagiarism free content with a paid plan.

Limits: 10,000 characters (approximately more than 1500 words)

7. TrustMyPaper

Free plagiarism checker by TrustMyPaper not only shows how much of your full content is original in percentage but also displays individual percentages (unlike other providers in this list where you will get point based measure for the text fragments) of content fragments from various sources that is matching with your text. If the originality of the text is very less then you will see a sad face in red colour and also a suggestion to write the content again.

Those parts of the text that are not original are also highlighted in red after the scanning is complete. You can also use their service to rewrite your content which is a premium feature.

This plagiarism checking app supports over 150 languages and file uploads in .pdf, .doc, .docx, .txt and .odt file formats.

Limits: 10,000 characters (around over 1500 words) as many times as you like

8. SearchEngineReports

The result from plagiarism detector by Search Engine Reports consists of how much of the checking is done, extent of plagiarised text and the amount of unique text all in percentages. It also shows whether a text in the series is plagiarised or not, sentence wise texts from sources which are matching with your content & their similarity percentages and a highlighted version of your content which is duplicate. You can also view and download the plagiarism test report in PDF format which also contains how many of your sentences fall under plagiarised category and how many are unique.

This plagiarism detector can scan contents in languages such as German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Danish, Italian, Chinese & others and unlike other websites in this list, you can use their plagiarised content rewriting tool without paying anything. Content upload can be done via URL, Dropbox, from local machine or by pasting directly to the text editor provided.

Limits: 1500 words/ unlimited number of times

9. SmallSEOTools

Small SEO Tools plagiarism checker is similar to that of Search Engine Reports (plagiarism in percentage, sources, plagiarised text comparison, report etc.) but has a limit of 1000 words instead of 1500 and also has apps for Android & iPhone. This platform has a free WordPress plugin, is available to download on Windows based computers and even an have an API for colleges and universities.

Limits: 1000 words

Winding up

We hope it is clear from the above article which free plagiarism detector(s) you want to use for your checking originality of your content.

If you have a text with larger number of words then websites such as Check-Plagiarism or GreatSeoTools are good options. But if your text is under 1500 words limit, you want a report, are looking for free rewriting service as well or have to check and correct grammatical mistakes then OnlinePlagiarismChecker or SmallSEOTools could be your best choice.


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