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Search engines can give you results for your search query, but they can not confirm that the resulting websites are actually what they rank for. This is why, at Goonnoo, we include only those free online service providers in our articles that we ourselves have used.

Free IQ testing sites with instant results

Do not waste your precious time searching for free IQ test websites and clicking on each of the resulting pages only to discover that it requires email, is not free, does not show answers, or is lengthy. We have done the hard work of finding only those websites which offer free online IQ tests with immediate results without you having to provide your email or register on the website..

Our criteria for this list are:

  • Test should be totally free
  • Test results have to be free and displayed right after the completion of the test
  • You are not required to give your email address, or need to sign up
  • The examination should be brief
  • Test results should be as accurate as possible

With these points in mind, lets see our list of really free IQ testing web platforms for quick testing and instant result with no sign up requirements:

1. Free-IQTest

100% free IQ test website

Free-IQTest is a completely free (supported by ads) online IQ testing website that requires no email or registration to take the test or to get the results. This 20-question platform provides an accurate and instant score along with the correct answers to the questions. But the only thing lacking in this platform unlike other free IQ test sites in this list is that it does not provide explanations for the correct answers in order to know why or how is a particular option the correct answer.

The only information it needs from you is your birth date. But that does not make any difference in the type of questions you get. Some questions are easier, some are of medium difficulty, while others are difficult too. So, there is a mix of variety of questions related to visuals, maths, logic, vocabulary, etc. The site displays a timer but there is no time limits which makes it possible to analyse the question carefully and think of the possible answers without having to rush for another question.

At Free-IQTest, you can continue to the next question without answering the current one (although there is no point in doing so as there is no negative marks for the wrong answer), but you can not go back to the previous question. After finishing the test, you will get your IQ score along with a link to view the meaning of your score, view the answers given by you (indicated by a red arrow if your answer was wrong and a green arrow if it was right). If you are still not satisfied with your IQ score, there is a second test with different set of questions which is also free.

Key Features of Free-IQTest:-

  • Number of questions : 20
  • Time based : No
  • Timer Displayed : Yes
  • Target group : Any

2. ARealMe

ARealMe for absolutely free IQ test

Another free online IQ testing site with free instant results is ARealMe, which is entirely free and you do not need to pay or provide your email to get the results. After you complete answering all the questions, you will be asked to optionally provide some info like your age and gender, and also whether you are a native speaker of not. Finally, you will be able to see your IQ score out of a full score of 200. Below the score, you will find buttons for viewing correct answers with other stats, such as what percentage of test takers gave correct answers? what percent of users gave up on each question?

Besides these, there are other stats such as number of test takers by country (map and tabular data), theaverage IQ score by country, an IQ chart, and the IQ scores of popular celebrities such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Shakira, and others, with their occupation and country.

The site is ad-supported, and you should expect ads on top of the page during the test. One more thing to note is that there is no numbering of the questions, which makes it harder to know where you are on the test. The type of questions for this test include finding out the next numbers or images in a series, mathematical calculations etc.

ARealMe`s main characteristics are as follows:-

  • Number of questions : 20
  • Time limit : None (though 10 minutes is recommended)
  • Timer Displayed : No
  • Target group : Any


IQ test with free immediate results

The major difference between FreeIQTests (or ARealMe) and`s free IQ test is that you will not only get IQ score but also get correct answers along with an explanation. In a nutshell, this test could be summarised as a full-free anonymous test with instantaneous, detailed correct answers.

While the default mode of the test is to view all the answers on a single page after finishing the test, there is an option to view the answers as the test progresses, where you will be able to view a cross sign and a message if your answer is incorrect, and you will also be given another chance to choose the right answer. For right answer, you will see a yellow tick mark and the answer in detail.

You can also take this test by choosing to view one question at a time instead of all the questions at once. This will open a pop-up window with a single question and a list of possible answers. After finishing the test, your score is displayed in points and percentage. The questions of this test covers a number of different areas, such as Pattern recognition, spatial visualization, palindrome, general knowledge, etc.

Key Features of

  • Number of questions : 30
  • Time limit : None
  • Timer Displayed : No
  • Target group : All
  • Free Instant detailed answers : Yes

4. Test-Guide

Free MENSA practice at Test-Guide

The free IQ test at Test-Guide is prepared by experts and is suitable if you are just taking the test for some fun as well as to prepare for applying to MENSA. Each correct answer gives you 10 points, and there are 30 quick questions with no time limit. But there are a number of ads-above, below, and on on the right side of the question and answer area.

Also note that the questions are not numbered but there is a green progress bar adjacent to the "Next" button which gives an idea of how far have you come in the test. The types of questions on this test include answering whether you get a continent, a city, an ocean or animal name by rearranging the given letters; choosing a synonym or antonym of a word; finding out the figure that belongs in the empty spot in a logically sorted series of figures; finding out whether a given number has similar, opposite or unrelated meanings; and questions related to numerical computations.

After you answer the last question, you will see a message asking you to complete a Google survey. Just ignore it and scroll down a bit where you can find your score immediately, whether your answers to individual questions are correct, and a detailed answer of each question. Besides the IQ test, there are GMAT, GRE, ACT, SAT, and other tests too on this site.

Key Features of the Test-Guide:-

  • Number of questions : 30
  • Time limit : None
  • Timer Displayed : No
  • Target group : All
  • Free Instant detailed answers : Yes

5. 123test

123test - most popular IQ test site

Although not totally free, 123test is one of the oldest and most popular IQ test service providers on the internet, with over 30 million people using their services annually. There are two types of free IQ test on this site: the culture fair intelligence test and the classical intelligence test. You will be asked to provide your gender, age, country, and education level when you finish answering the questions, which you can safely skip.

The Culture fair intelligence test is best suited for individuals who want a quick assessment of their IQ, whose English language skills are fairly good, or if you are a non-English speaker. There are eight questions on this test that are similar in terms of type of questions they include, which include questions that require you to find a figure from the given options that fits on a blank space of logically placed figures in question. If you give some thought to it and some time, you will see a pattern and will be able to find the correct answer (we did it fairly easily!). This test provides an estimate of where your IQ score lies in a range.

In Classical intelligence test, there are a total of 10 questions (with a 10 minute timer starting only when you submit the first answer), all of different types. Here you will get to know how many of your answers were correct and what your IQ score is. And unlike Culture fair intelligence test, you will also be able to view the answers of each questions with an explanation.

Key Features of 123test are as follows:-

  • Number of questions : 8 or 10
  • Time limit : None or 10 minutes
  • Timer Displayed : Depends on test
  • Target group : All
  • Free Instant detailed answers : Depending on type of test


If you still have not found what you are looking for at the above listed IQ testing sites or want more sites like these, there are still more sites that are similar to the above mentioned websites, such as:

  • Worldwide-IQ-Test
    • Number of questions : 5
    • Time limit : None
    • You will get a score, what was your answer and what are the correct answers with explanation
  • Hire Teen
    • Number of questions : 30
    • Time limit : None (recommended time is less than 30 minutes)
    • Score is shown after finishing the test
    • No ads
    • Provides answers to the questions where you made mistakes
    • It is a practice MENSA IQ test
  • IQ Test Prep
    • Number of questions : 25
    • Time limit : 6 minutes
    • Automatically calculates score if time is lapsed where you can view how many of your answers were right? and what is the average percentage score?
    • You can also view answers for free at the same time without having to enter any email

Also, there are sites that are very good at testing the IQ of a kid as well as an adult. They might be longer or give the IQ score but not the correct answers as given below:

  • Free IQ Test by University of Valencia
    • Number of questions : 33
    • Time limit : 20 minutes
    • Timer displayed : No
    • Score is automatically calculated after 20 minutes, but you can continue to answer the questions and click on the OK button to get the new score.
    • No way to view the correct answers
  • MENSA Norway
    • Number of questions : 35
    • Time limit : 25 minutes
    • Your test score is automatically calculated after time is up
    • You have three buttons: to go back, to the next question, and to finish the test
  • IQTestCenter
    • Age-appropriate testing for children aged 4 to 15 years
    • Adults can take a separate IQ test
    • Asks child`s name at the end and displays the score but not correct answers
    • Also available in German, French, Turkish, Russian and Chinese.
  • NewIQTest
    • Score is displayed but not the correct answers
    • An IQ test for 5, 6, 7 and 8-year-old kids
    • Different IQ tests for adults too
  • Free IQ test by BuzzFeed: Displays your IQ score
  • BrainMetrix free online IQ test
    • Number of questions : 20
    • Time limit : None
    • No correct answers are displayed, only the test score
  • Free online IQ test by SeeMyPersonality
    • Age range : From 5 to 125 years old
    • Time depends on individual questions
    • It requires your name or nickname, country, age, and gender before starting the test
    • Very effective in determining your overall personality
    • Divided into different parts for testing various aspects of your personality, such as memory, perception, logic, creativity, etc.
    • You will be given some sample questions with answers and a few practice questions before displaying the actual questions


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