Best free online games without downloads (and with no ads) for 2022

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You are looking for free games and the search engine always spits out articles that describe games that you have to download or point you to sites where you will get frustrated quickly with the ads that pop up every minute or so. You just want to play free online games on your PC without any downloads and preferably with no ads , right? Sites like Poki but without annoying ads are already there, which are not only for kids but for any age group. For various reasons, most of the time, these sites are not covered by top-ranked articles on the internet. 

Free online games
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In this article, we have tried to cover games developed using HTML5 and JavaScript that you can play using your web browser. These are simple to understand yet hard to master and can be very addicting. Whether you are from the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India or any other part of the world, you love these exciting games. Our favourite is a game called "Typer," because you enjoy playing while also learning to type faster. What's your favourite? 

Free online games to play on your PC:

1. Typer

Typer - A free typing game

As the name suggests, Typer is all about typing alphabets. But do not dismiss it with an "easy" tag yet. The alphabets are coming from all directions, and you have to type them in exactly the same case as they appear. Also, as soon as you start thinking that the speed of these letters is under your control, some letters start moving very fast and you will quickly miss some of them.

The game starts with 10 lives displayed in the top-right corner and the score displayed in the top-left corner of the screen. The characters are case sensitive by default, which can be made case-insensitive by clicking on the button located at the top-centre of the screen. A red circle is in the middle of the screen. Alphabets come from various directions, and you have to destroy each of the alphabets before it hits the red circle by typing. If any of the characters touches the red circle, you lose a life.

You should also notice that typing a wrong character will decrease your score. You can pause the game by pressing the ESC key on the keyboard. Basically, if you can type faster and without looking at the keyboard, then you will do well in this game. One thing lacking in this game is the absence of any sound effects. This game was developed by a software engineer named Berk Erol. The screen is fairly clean and without unnecessary distractions. It is an easy to play but hard-to-score-high type game for me.

2. Pseudo 3D racer

Pseudo 3D racer for free car racing game

Pseudo 3D racer is a 3D car racing game developed by a full-stack developer named Jake Gordon. It is meant to be played over web browsers (Chrome-v19+, FireFox -v12+, and IE9) on desktop computers or laptops. In addition to the driving speed, you can view the time elapsed in the top-left corner of the screen. It also shows your canvas performance (good or bad) on the left side. There are settings for screen resolution (low, medium, high, and fine resolution) and four road lanes. Similarly, you can adjust road width, camera height, draw distance, field of view, and fog density.

You can play the game in four modes, or levels. The straight mode is the easiest, since it has a straight road. The second mode is called "curves mode," in which the road is curved. In hill mode, you will also encounter driving up hills in addition to curves. Lastly, there is a final mode in which you have other vehicles and a nice view of trees, billboards, rocks etc. The background sound is soothing too and can be turned off by clicking on the sound icon placed at the bottom left of the screen.

It is very simple to play. Just use the upper arrow key on your keyboard to move forward. Likewise, use the left and right arrow keys to turn left and right on the road, respectively, for curved roads. Driving outside the road will slow down the speed of your car. In the same way, hitting other vehicles will also cause your car to decelerate.

3. Clumsy Bird

Play Clumsy Bird for free online

You have only one mission in Clumsy Bird- continue to pass the bird through the gaps between a series of upper and lower green-coloured pillars. This is done by either appropriately tapping the space bar, touch pad (on a laptop) or mouse button a number of times, depending on how high the bird is and the location of the gap. If the bird hits either the upper pillar or the lower pillar, it dies and the game is over.

The background of the game is made up of green bushes and buildings. The sound is very powerful (which can be turned off by pressing the "m" key), fast-paced, exciting, and clear. The sound when the bird hits the pillar is also very intuitive. You have to hit either the space bar or the touch-pad/mouse to start the game. This game was developed by Ellison Lion using MelonJS and is a flappy bird clone.

4. Dental Defender

Play tower defense game wit Dental defender

To start Dental Defender, just click on the START button shown on the first screen. You have to guard the tooth of wisdom located at the centre of the screen by shooting at the germs coming from various directions. Just point your touch-pad or mouse at the germs and click on them multiple times to shoot them (some germs will move faster than others). Use the A and D keys to move to the left and right sides. Similarly, use the S and W keys to move in the downward and upward directions, respectively. If you waste your bullets, your accuracy percentage decreases accordingly. Do not shoot when the germs are behind the other teeth to preserve your bullet. This game is played in waves.

You will be able to see the time, accuracy, and available points at the end of each wave. Just click on the "READY" button to restart the game. Your default location in this game is at the centre, just adjacent to the tooth. The upper right side displays the health of the tooth in percentage and your points. The strength of the tooth is also displayed just below it in a green, yellow, or red bar. The same applies to the strength of the germs. When the germs enter the scene, their strength is full (indicated by a full green bar just below it). As you shoot the germ, its strength decreases with the colour changing to yellow to red and the bar length decreasing. You have to avoid the bullets fired by the germs (your body will become red if you are hit) and destroy the germs as early as possible.

If you lose and there is no restart button, just refresh your browser to play again.

5. Infinite Mario Bros

Infinite Mario Bros is online and free

To enter Infinite Mario Bros., just press the "S" key. Now you will see Mario sitting at the start of a new world. To start the game, use the arrow keys to move Mario to a number and then press the "S" key again. You will see the first part of this new world. You will also see the remaining time displayed at the top right of the screen along with the number of collected coins. Now use the right arrow key to move forward and the "S" key to jump in order to collect coins and climb up, etc. If you see a "Game Over!" sign, just refresh the browser to play again.

You should collect as many coins as possible and move faster. The terrain in this game is clean, and the soundtrack is classic too.

6. Duck Hunt

An online free game to play

Duck Hunt starts with a screen showing green grass and trees with a blue background. A dog comes with a sliding and sniffing sound from the left side of the screen and jumps joyfully when reached in the centre of the screen with a guy saying "BARK". Then some ducks emerge from the grass (a guy screams, "Hey, there are ducks over here") and start flying with a "Quack, Quack" sound. You have to shoot the ducks down while they are flying. Otherwise, they will fly out of sight, which is indicated by the blue background turning pink and the dog coming out of the grass laughing at you (with a ha ha ha ha sound) with its mouth covered by its forearms.

If you hunt down ducks, the dog will appear with joy, holding the ducks in its hands. When you shoot, you will hear a "bang" sound, and if the bullet hits the duck, a "done" sound. Your score is shown at the top right of the screen, and the remaining bullets at the top left. You can also see the number of ducks killed at the bottom left of the screen (red coloured ducks) and how many of the ducks flew away (white coloured ducks). Use the "p" key to pause the game and "m" to mute the sound.

7. Circus HTML5

Circus HTML5

At first, Circus HTML5 looks simple to play. But you will know the difficult part as soon as you start playing. Yes, you simply cannot cross through the ring of fire by first jumping and then moving forward. Rather, it is first moving forward at optimal speed and then jumping just in time before the ring approaches the boy riding the lion. And it is just the opposite when the cup of fire comes in your way, i.e., you have to first jump and then move forward. Maybe it's different for you!

If, however, you do not move at all, the ring of fire slowly comes towards you and burns you down, and you will lose one life. You need to press the Enter key to start playing. Do not underestimate this game. The first stage of the game is in itself difficult to complete. The visuals are simple and clean, with strong sound effects.

8. Astray

Astray is easier to play for anyone

Astray is probably the easiest game on this list. It consists of a ball placed on a path surrounded by solid walls. You just have to move the ball to the exit, i.e., out of this path. To do this, you have to use the keyboard array keys. The game is simple, with increasing path length and complexity as the level increases. From level 10, the game becomes a bit trickier. You simply cannot continue to use the same technique that was applied at earlier levels.

If you are not careful at later levels, you will be looping down the same path again and again. But as with experience, you will start to take notice that the exit is always on a particular side, etc.

9. Hextris

Hextris - a no ads online game

In Hextris, there are two hexagons: the inner hexagon and the outer hexagon. When you start the game, blocks of various colours start attaching to the inner hexagon. Your goal is to combine three blocks of the same colour before the piled up blocks go out of the outer hexagon. When you combine the three same coloured blocks, the blocks will disappear and you will get points.

You can rotate the inner hexagon to the left by pressing the left arrow key and to the right with the help of the right arrow key in order to combine the falling blocks with the same coloured blocks attached to the inner hexagon. The down arrow key is used to speed up the falling blocks. The speed and size of the blocks increase with time. Click on the yellow replay button located at the bottom of the screen to play the game again.


That was our list of the best free games to play online with no download required. It's easy to understand but difficult to play, isn't it? And as we promised, these games are for toddlers (mainly the Typer, the Pseudo 3D Car Racer, and the Astray) to teens to seniors. The best part is that you don't have to pay anything to play these games, and there are no advertisements in the middle of each level. Which game did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below. 


What is the best free online game?

For us, it is called "Typer" due to the fact that you are improving your typing skills while you try hard to score higher in order to enjoy the game. In addition, the car racer is our second favorite due to the scenery, sound, hills, and road curves.We liked "duck hunt" too, as it is simple yet challenging to hunt down the ducks flying in all directions.


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