Seven Free icon download sites (in 2021) that require no attribution

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Do you feel that there are not many websites that offer icons for free without requiring attribution, even for commercial purposes?

Free icon download providers with no attribution

Do you always come across sites which fall under the following categories? :

  • which are free but require attribution
  • require you to purchase paid plans in order to use the icons without crediting the creator
  • free but only for personal use
  • they do not make it clear whether the icons can be used for commercial projects
  • have no info on whether attribution is required
  • do not have the icons you are looking for

Then this is the article you are looking for!

Do not waste hours searching for copyright free icons download sites on the internet. Just have a look at the list given below which includes those web platforms that contain a library of icons which could be used for anything and everything such as in a commercial setup, android studio projects, website design/ development, presentation slides, iPhone aesthetics and more.

No attribution websites to download free icons for commercial or personal use

1. Reshot

Free no attribution icons download at Reshot

Operated by the popular digital asset subscription serivce company based in Australia called Envato Elements, Reshot has a library of icons created by the designers at Ennvato Elements itself. In addition to downloading the icons for free, modifying them, and using with no attribution in commercial and personal projects, online advertisements, Figma design, media projects, or any other purpose in any part of the world, you can also distribute the icons or share them on social media too.

But there are cases where you can not use the icons. One such scenario is printing the icon, for example onto a mug without significant modification. Likewise, you can not build a similar or competitive service by using the icons downloaded from Reshot. You can read their User Terms to learn more about the limits.

For icons, you can choose from two options: icons and icon packs while searching. Also, Reshot has a collection of free stock images and free vector illustrations that you can search through using the drop-down selection menu placed in the search box.

2. IconFinder

iconfinder free icons without credit

To download copyright-free icons from IconFinder, which could be used even for commercial purposes , just search for free icons without attribution or make sure that you select "Free" and "No link back" buttons in the search filter while searching for icons, as seen in the above image. Otherwise, the icons could only be used for either personal needs or commercial scenarios with a mandatory attribution.

You should hover over the link placed at the top right of the individual icon page to know what you can use the icon for, what is not allowed? as well as whether an attribution is required. For example, with the "Free for commercial..." license, you are permitted to alter the icon, share the icon, use it for commercial projects, virtual products for mass distribution, or for physical goods such as in t-shirts (unlike Reshot). The only thing you are not allowed to do is sell the icon.

There are free Industrial icons, social network icons for Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Quora etc., iOS 14 icons and others which you can download in various formats like PNG (in a number of resolutions), PNG in base64 encoded data URI format for use in HTML/ CSS, SVG, base64 encoded SVG, Adobe Illustrator (AI) format, ICO format for use in Windows, and ICNS format for use in MacOS.

3. IconPacks

Icons download without paying anything at IconPacks

Are you searching for coronavirus related icons such as vaccines, masks, sanitizer, social-distancing, quarantine etc.? If you say "Yes!", then you should visit IconPacks. Besides this, there are icons and icon packs for Thanksgiving day, New Year, Christmas, Web hosting, Crypto currency, Smart watch, Beauty salon, Online store, Soccer, Attorney and Lawyer, Startup, SEO, business, and a lot more. Attribution is absolutely not required to download and use these free icons for website management, educational purposes, commercial or non-commercial purpose, Google slides, or any other projects.

You can apply custom border or backgrounds such as circular and square to the icons before downloading them in PNG, SVG, or Base64 formats. Other customization options include rotating/ flipping, scaling up or down, moving the icon to the left, right, up or down, and applying colors. Similarly, there are undo, redo, and reset options to revert the changes.

The icons are tagged with relevant keywords, which makes it easier to know what the icon is all about and whether it is suitable for you to use in your project. And you can also view related icons below the main icon so that you can find more relevant icon that fits your needs. One thing to note is that you can choose between monocolor, multicolor, or all while searching for icons and also view the results sorted either by recent icons or by popular icons.

4. iconmonstr

icons with no copyright at iconmonstr

The icons at iconmonstr look uniform and clean. You can filter the search results by the style of icons like thin, bold, fill, or all and download the icons as either SVG files or get the embed code (inline or base64) for use in HTML. In addition, you can also download these icons in EPS, PSD or PNG, formats. For PNG format, there is an editor where you can customize the color and size of the icons and apply background (fill or outline) to them from a number of selectable shape options with color . There is also a dark mode for this online icon editor.

On this website, you can also download an iconic font file consisting of more than 300 icons by either downloading as a zipped file or simply using the CDN version without any downloads. Icons are also organized as collections. For example, there is a collection of icons for food (a variety of candies, cooks etc.). While you cannot request an icon, you have the option to upvote an existing icon to be created next.

You have to be aware of the restrictions on the handling of the icons at iconmonstr. What you should avoid is sharing, selling, distributing or sublicensing the icons to others, using the icons as a logo, trademark, etc., or where the icon is the major part of the project or product. This also means that the icon license is valid for single user only. Other than these, you can modify the icons and/or use them for any commercial projects like business cards, brochures, adverts, etc., smartphones, blogs, websites, and other media etc.

5. UXWing

UXWing - free SVG & PNG icons download site

If you are looking for websites to download free icons without any attribution requirements for commercial, website management, mobile app development, or any personal use, just visit a site called UXWing. On this site, you will be able to download high quality, optimised and compressed PNG and SVG icons from a number of categories and sub-categories such as internet, email, database, location, Christmas, games, industry, e-commerce, and many others. Besides icon sets, you can also download icon fonts for free.

There is an option to download the files either in PNG or SVG format. In addition to downloading, you can customize, edit, or create icons with their online SVG icon editor. If your desired icon is not found while searching, they will present you with a form where you can request a new icon list, which they will try to add as soon as possible. You can also use the same form to make any suggestions or improvements recommendation regarding the icons at UXWing.

6. FlatIcons

Free .ico icons for commercial use at FlatIcons

Flaticons offers you a variety of royalty-free icons and icon packs with customization options. The icon maker lets you change the size and color of the icon, rotate up to 360 degrees, flip it horizontally or vertically, change the shape, apply a background (and its color) etc. The icons are very clean and of good quality.

The icon packs can be downloaded either as a .zip file or a .tar.gz file. While downloading the icon, the site asks you to chose the format (PNG, ICO, JPG, or GIF), size of the icon, and whether to ignore the icon background. You get a link to share the icon in social media, via email, etc. You are allowed to use the downloaded icons in any of your commercial or non-commercial needs, but you can not sell the icon.

You can use the search box located at the top right of the page to search for your desired icons, or choose the appropriate category, icon, or icon pack from the list placed at the footer of the website. To know what the icon represents, just hover over the icon and it will display the title of the icon.

7. Iconshop

Free vector icons at iconshop

If you are a web or mobile app developer and need free vector icons to be used for commercial projects without the need to credit the site of the author of the icon, then Iconshop might be for you. The downloaded zip file contains PNG files (with sizes ranging from 16X16 to 512X512), an SVG file, a PSD file, and an AI file. Available categories of icons include glyph, flat, line, and line-filled.

You can use these icons in your business, software, desktop/mobile apps, web/graphic design, or on the internet. You can alter the icons, create icon fonts and use them for as many clients as you wish, but it is not allowed to sell or sub license to other entities or to attribute to companies or people other than Iconshop.

While you can search for your desired icons with the help of the search box, icons are also grouped into a number of alphabetically sorted tags such as business, medical, Christmas, technology, food, blogging, etc., the links of which can be found in the footer. It is also one of the very few free icon download sites that does not differentiate between free and premium icons in terms of licensing.


In this article, we listed those web services where you can download free icons and use them in commercial projects with no attribution requirements. These online providers have icon packs for Photoshop, iPhone home screen (like Christmas icons, text icons, etc.), PowerPoint (technology, business, medical, infographics, etc.) and for other use cases.

Other popular free icon download sites which allow the icons to be used for commercial purposes but require attribution are:-

  • Flaticons: You have to enter a search term and then chose "Free" just above the search results.
  • iconscout`s royalty-free icon collection: Here too, first type your search query and then, on the next page, click to expand the "Filters" button, then expand the "Price" tab, select "Free" and close the "Filters".
  • Stockio: Reselling or distribution of the icons is not permitted and attribution should be provided to the website.
  • streamline: Link back to the website required.

Similarly, there are also free icon download sites where some icons require attribution while others are without attribution requirements, such as Deviant Art Free icons and All-Free-Download, where you have to visit the creator`s site to know more about the license.


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