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Free sites to download high quality images for commercial and Personal needs

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Are you searching for copyright free image download sites which allow you to use the stock photos even for commercial purposes without attributing the original creator? Then you have found the right article. In this article, we have listed seven such free stock photo download platforms where you will be able to search, download and use images for personal or professional tasks without giving any credit to the photographer.

Copyright free $0 stock photo download websites list
Photo by Hunters Race on Unsplash

Our selection criteria for this list are as follows:-

  • Downloaded images could be used without attributing anyone/ should be without copyright
  • The photos could be used even for commercial/ business needs in addition to personal use
  • These images should not have any watermark
  • The sites should not require any sign up to search and download the pictures
  • There should be fair amount of relevant search results for a query
  • The quality of images should at least be of good quality
  • Images should be searchable

So, all the free image search sites listed in this article are mostly licensed under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) or Public Domain which means that the images can be used for your business needs such as in business cards, brochure and presentation slides or for personal needs like for wishing for birthdays or anniversaries of your beloved ones without attribution.

List of free image search websites (no attribution required)

1. Unsplash

Most popular free image with no copyright download site

Photos downloaded from Unsplash has only two restrictions - you can not sell the images without a major edit (but you can distribute worldwide) and setup another platform by using the images from this platform. You can however download and use the pictures without giving any credit to the photographer or Unsplash and doing so will not cause copyright violations.

At this royalty free image site, you can find photos in diverse categories such as Business, Education (Maths, Geography, History etc.), Animals, People, high definition iPhone wallpapers, Happy Birthday and even on newest category like COVID-19. The quality of the images are also good and you can view more information about the images like camera model used, focal length, shutter speed etc. The images are also tagged with relevant keywords which makes it easier to know more about what the photo represents, the location where the picture is taken, what the image can be used for, whether it is available in HD and more.

The best part is that the images downloaded from this website can be used for commercial purposes for example in business cards or for non commercial needs like in blog posts and by artists. One thing to note about this free image search site is that you won`t see a lot of irritating ads or promoted images unlike other free image download sites despite it being one of the largest free photo download website.

2. Pixabay

Happy birthday image free download

In our experience, Pixabay is a copyright free image search platform that almost always produces relevant results when searching for free images for any search term, may be due to the fact that it is one of the largest free stock photo site. The quality of the images at Pixabay is similar to that of Unsplash and you can choose from four resolution types when you want to download the image with second highest resolution selected by default for downloading. At this Germany based site, you can search photos, videos and music based on search filters such as popularity, orientation, size and category.

Although the pictures are uploaded by contributors, they are under Pixabay license which allows anyone to download and use these photos even for commercial purposes (such as for business websites) without giving any attribution to the creator and are without any copyrights. But you are not allowed to resell the image on other online sites, to sell the images without making any modifications to it, to depict any person shown in the picture in an inappropriate way or to associate any brands/ trademarks shown in the image with any other products/ services.

There is a large collection of very nice flower images or dog images and fair numbers of photos to use for occasions lie Happy Birthday or Happy Anniversary which you can post on social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Reddit etc.

3. Pexels

No signup required free photos download site

Although you get slightly less relevant results when searching for a term in Pexels than Unsplash or Pixabay, you will be able to find the photo you are looking for if you dig a bit deeper. The quality however is on par with with either of the two previous platforms. One more feature you will get at Pexels is the ability to download your selected image in your custom size in addition to available small, medium, large and original sizes.

This platform is available as a free pictures app on Android and iOS too. In addition, it is available in Google Workspace Marketplace, as a Figma plugin, Sketch plugin, at Microsoft AppSource and as a WordPress plugin so that you can use the photos from Pexels directly to your presentations in Google Slides, website mock-ups & designs, Sketch layers, MS Word documents/ PowerPoint presentation slides and blog posts/ web pages respectively.

There are more use cases of the images downloaded from this free photo platform for example if you are an artist, you can use it as a reference in paintings, books etc. which you can even sell. Another popular use case is for virtual backgrounds to use in Zoom meeting (which you can download from the Zomm App Marketplace) and you never have to use the same background for multiple meetups due to the large collection of these backgrounds.

4. ClipartSpy

Public domain Clipart images without paying anything

ClipartSpy is basically an online aggregator of public domain images from various other popular free-photos-without-attribution sites such as WikiClipArt and Clipart Library. While you are free to use these images commercially or non commercially, it is your responsibility to check the license for the image you want to download and use from this site.

One thing you will notice at this site is that full screen ads (Google Vignette ads) appear when you enter your search term and hit enter, which you should close by clicking on the cross icon placed at the top right of the page. Also, you will be shown a bigger ad at the top of the resulting page but just scroll down a bit and you will find a healthier collection of clipart images from a number of other free image download sites such as Pixabay. It is easier to miss the page links at the bottom left of the page just below the end of the search result if you are in hurry.

Just hover over an image to read the description, dimension and source of the image. When you click on the image, it will expand to show you the image in larger size with details about it. Clicking again at this expanded image will redirect you to the source page where the images is originally hosted for example to the Pixabay website where you will be able to download the image just like you would download when visiting the Pixabay site.

5. StockSnap

Download CC0 images for business use

StockSnap is a free, high quality image search platform which is least restrictive among all the other platforms mentioned in this article. This is a site where all the images are under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license with only two conditions. Firstly, you can not claim that you, your company, brand, products or services are great based on the image and secondly, you can not claim any warranties or guarantees from the photographer or creator of the image. That`s it!

You can either click on an image category such as "People", "Flower" etc. or use the search box to search for images with terms such as "Neon virtual backgrounds for Zoom". At this site, if you click on the "Download" button, it will download the image with original dimension but you can use the "Customize" button to be able to customize the image with an online photo editor where you can use any custom dimension or you can chose from a selectable list of ready to download images with appropriate sizes for Facebook cover, Instagram post, Twitter banner, Pinterest post, E-book cover, business card, YouTube Channel art and others. There are also image modification options like adding headlines, texts, shapes etc.

Images downloaded from this site also does not require any attribution, copyright, credit to or permission from the creator and you can use these photos for any purpose - from business to personal. Note that you might have to skim through the search result and scroll down to find relevant images.

6. StockVault

Public domain stock photos without having to pay a dime

StockVault is one of the oldest website which has a collection of free photos to download without copyright. These photos have no watermark and you can get them without signing up.

There are 3 types of licenses for the images at StockVault -

  • Commercial : This license allows you to use the images for commercial or non-commercial purposes without providing any attribution to the creator of the image. But you are not allowed to sell or distribute it without significant modification and can not claim that the photo is yours without modifying the image to a fair extent. But you can lift even these restrictions by getting permission from the original owner of the image.
  • Non Commercial : You can not use the image for any commercial purpose under this licensing terms. But it can be used for personal or educational purposes without giving any credit to the photographer of the image. Other conditions are same as that of the commercial license.
  • CC0/ Public Domain license : With this license, you are free to use the image for any commercial or non commercial purposes permissible by the law of your country (which is obviously not related the copyright and you have to follow the law for any other activity anyway)however you like without attributing the original contributor whether you are in the UK, in India or anywhere in the world.

Beside other categories, there is a good collection of free portrait or Model photos for artists and a few freebies on their blog such as Photography logos, camera symbols, drone icons, writing tools icons, mobile wallpapers or backgrounds which you can use for commercial or personal needs but you can no redistribute these freebies without permission.

7. JeShoots

Download high resolution images for free

Jeshoots is a Czech Republic based royalty free photo download website featuring images taken by Jan Vasek(there is a separate category for images of Prague which is obvious). He is one the top contributor in Unsplash where his photos have been viewed over 200 million times. He is also popular in other stock photo sites including Pixabay, Pexels and Creative Market.

In our opinion, it is one of the best sites in terms of getting relevant search results for a search term. It can be due to the fact that all the photos in this website are the creation of a single photographer and since he also has the control over this website in terms of which images to upload to which categories, hence placing the images where it should belong to.

All the images at this site have CC0 license which you can use for commercial or non commercial purposes such as for your clients or in your sister`s birthday without providing any credit or attribution. However, it is not allowed to sell, distribute, share or sublicense the images on its own and you can not use the images for a product which is for sale where the the core value of the product on sale is represented by the image.

Final Words

In this article, you read about 7 online free stock photo download services with no copyright license which do not force you to get permission from the author to use the downloaded images. We have not included smaller photo search/ download sites because most of the times you waste your time and get frustrated since there you won`t would get any search result and you won`t be able find the images that you are looking for.

Also rest assured that we never include more elements in any of our list just to give you more options. We only include those services that really work and we have followed this rule in this article too. We hope you will be able to find free public domain images at one of these sites. Thank you for reading this article!


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