11 Best (Fully) Free Website Hosting Providers of 2021

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Tired of getting results from free-trial-for-limited-period-only web hosting list or worst even seeing list of paid ones while searching for the best FULLY free website hosting providers on search engines? Don`t worry! In this article we deliver exactly what you are really looking for and what our headline says i.e. list of only those web hosting services which are free for LIFETIME.

Best fully free website hosting ranked for 2021
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We do not recommend you to purchase paid hosting like every other top ranked articles tell you when free hosting can work for your use case. In fact, it is a good idea to first evaluate the positive and negative aspects of a hosting service, making yourself familiar to the platform and then only going for a paid plan if you feel it will work for you.

One thing though, it could be time-consuming and costly if you start with a free hosting plan for your website that is production-ready (long-term serious business or project) and decide to transfer to another hosting provider for paid account. In this case it is better to either go through the list of best totally free hosting provider`s list below,start a free plan at a service you think would be a good fit and finally upgrading to a paid plan when necessary. Or quickly testing a few hosting services mentioned below with your sample website (not the production-ready website) and then starting with the best. Last option is to carefully read the pros and cons from the below list and purchase a paid plan from a hosting provider you think would be good.

If however you are a beginner, artist , student, learning HTML or just want a 100% free hosting website list, you are better off with free hosting than a paid one. Some other scenarios where it is good to use these forever free hosting service might include:

  • Data collection for short term projects
  • Event or Announcement site
  • Online CV, Resume, Portfolio etc.
  • Learning to code (WordPress, HTML, Laravel, ASP.NET etc.)
  • Familiarising yourself with various tools such as cPanel, SSL, email, Website Builder, custom domain, SSH, databases etc.
  • Personal websites
  • Websites for Non-profits
  • Website for School/ University projects
  • Review sites
  • Just-for-fun websites
  • Lightweight websites
  • WordPress blogs
  • Idea validation
  • Small e-commerce stores
  • Just for online presence (online visiting card etc.)
  • Quick testing
  • Online forms
  • To learn web hosting

While we do not recommend you to blindly believe the service of any free hosting website listed here, none of them are good or bad. Yes, it all depends on what do you need the free hosting for? or what features are more important to you and which features if absent doesn't affect much to you?

For example AccuWebHosting might be a good choice for someone who is looking to host a WordPress site without paying anything but is of no use if the same person wants cPanel as a hosting control panel. Likewise, 000WebHost or FreeHosting could work for those who want an absolutely free web hosting service with cPanel but is a bad choice if SSL is also a requirement. The preferred host can even be different for two individuals if both of them need a hosting with cPanel depending on the location because a person living in India might want to prefer GoogieHost while one living in Canada or UK might go with AccuWebHosting despite both the sites providing free hosting with cPanel.

11 best totally free website hosting providers ranked

Now lets face it, all the free for life hosting plans (even beyond this list) have some conditions, constraints, limitation and/or bad sides. All the free hosting websites do not offer custom domain name for free (it costs them too). Almost all limit how many custom domains you can host with them. Many of them restrict the amount of storage on disk, traffic to your website, number of databases and their storage capacity which means that your website wont be able to handle much solely because of the free plan. Some of them will ask you to upgrade to a paid plan or take down your website if it starts consuming more resources. But as long as the site is within the allocated resource limit, there might not be that much trouble with any hosting site.

Beside these common issues, each free hosting has some peculiar problems. At one of the provider, your database might be flooded with spam messages if you have any contact us form in your site (hint: this happened with 000WebHost, hope it does not happen nowadays!). Some will sell your info to third parties and you will start getting unsolicited emails.

But there are bright sides as well. A few of the listed sites despite having strict requirements, have many features that others do not have. FreeWbeHostingArea and AccuWebHosting fits into this category well.

So, just do your research and try the one that you believe will work for you. There is no harm in starting with free web hosting plan and upgrade to a premium plan when you are satisfied with the fully free web hosting service. The list of really free web hosting with no time limit goes like this:

1. AtSpace

Free WordPress hosting at AtSpace

If you are concerned about your information being sold/ misused, you have an option to register with Facebook or Google+ at this hosting provider. If you are looking for $0 WordPress or Joomla hosting, AtSpace is for you. See the list below for what they offer in their free plan:

  • One MySQL 5.7 database with capacity of 30 MB
  • 1 domain and 3 sub domains
  • Storage capacity - 1 GB
  • Data transfer - 5 GB monthly
  • 1 custom email with 50 MB storage and virus protection
  • No ads on your website
  • Domain lock control
  • SpamAssasin, WebMail, POP3, IMAP, SMTP, autoresponder
  • PHP 5/ PHP 7, phpMyAdmin

Being one of the oldest hosting service provider among this list, you can trust them for your hosting needs. If you are a non-coder and still want to have a nice looking website then they also offer Zacky website builder with drag and drop option.

But the features that are not available with their free plan are no SSH, limited customer support, no php.ini file customization, no cURL, no backup and no Ruby or Python as an acceptable programming script. However there is this cool feature that allows you to view traffic details for your website and your site also gets firewall protection.

2. 000WebHost

000WebHost for no cost cPanel hosting

It is one of the topmost fully free website hosting company which does not require your credit card details to use in its free plan. Important features of this plan include:

  • One Database (MySQL) and Cronjob each
  • No ads displayed in your website
  • Bandwidth - 3000 MB
  • Maximum of 2 websites
  • Disk storage - 300 MB
  • DDoS protection, Advanced firewalls for security
  • Account activation is instant

May be due to cPanel as a web hosting control panel and FTP based custom website upload feature, it is one of the most popular free hosting sites, mainly among web developers. Millions of webmasters are using this service to host their sites which are built by them in local environment and then uploading to this host using web based file manager service provided by 000WebHost.

This site is also for those who want WordPress auto installation or Website builder (for non-coders) rather than for those who want email account, SSH, DNS management feature or SSL. One of the best part about them is also that their Name Servers are protected with Cloudflare.

3. FreeHosting

$0 Laravel hosting at freehosting

FreeHosting`s free plan comes with an unlimited bandwidth(site visitors) combined with absolutely free website hosting forever for your website. Its zero dollar hosting plan has following features:

  • Credit card not required
  • 1 custom domain based email account
  • PHP 7, Apache, .htacces, cPanel
  • Your website is online 24 hours a day
  • No tracking, no ads
  • Unlimited traffic, Disk space - 10 GigaBytes
  • Hosting for only 1 website
  • IMAP/POP3/SMTP, Autoresponders

Their service plan is beneficial if you are looking for free Laravel hosting provider. In fact, they support more than 400 scripts to be installed. Need WordPress? or Opencart? how about Joomla? they have it all. If you are not that tech-savvy, you are not left behind too, just chose from more than 150 website templates from over 20 categories and you are good to go. It is also a very good choice for those of you who want to host your HTML based project for free.

What they do not support are free domain names or sub domain names of any sort but only paid custom domain name bought from anywhere. They also do not allow to use their free plan if you are from Brazil, Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria or Vietnam.

4. GoogieHost

GoogieHost - Best free HTML hosting in India

One word of caution here - do not attempt to have multiple accounts at GoogieHost, otherwise they will terminate all your accounts and ban you from their platform. With their free for lifetime hosting tier you can get:

  • HTML templates, Website builder
  • Hotlink protection etc.
  • 24/7 ticket based customer support
  • 99% uptime
  • One GB SSD disk space
  • Multiple scripts and sub domains
  • Number of websites to host - 1
  • Traffic - Hundred GB
  • Cloudflare, Cloud Linux

If you ever thought whether there is any best and totally zero cost website hosting in India? the answer is GoogieHost since they are themselves based in India. GoogieHost is also a good choice if you are searching for any free website hosting for HTML web projects.To add more, they also have a free hosting plan exclusively for students beside this very plan.

Using their free hosting plan is also a wise decision to make if you have developed your website using latest PHP/ MySQL combo since they support PHP 5.3 to PHP 8.0.6 and MySQL 8.0 (Two MySQL databases are allowed). You also get to use cPanel, SSH, Let`s encrypt SSL, 2 business email accounts and 2 FTP accounts. They also allow you to monetize your website although they wont show their own ads on your site.

5. AwardSpace

Free small business hosting in UK - AwardSpace

Established in 2003, AwardSpace is a pioneer in providing totally free website hosting services worldwide which is a better choice for individual beginners. Its $0 website hosting plan has a number of characteristics like:

  • Data storage - One GigaByte
  • Data transfer/ month - 5GB
  • 1 domain, 3 sub domain, 1 FTP account
  • 1 WebMail email account
  • Supports SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Autoresponder
  • 1 MySQL database with 30MB storage
  • phpMyAdmin with PHP5 and PHP7

AwardSpace is among those free web hosts that is capable of delivering higher page speed to your website with their 50 GBits network connection. if you can do without their long list of restrictive features such as no SSH, no custom 404 pages, no custom MX or A or CNAME records, no ASP.NET or Python or Ruby support, no cURL, no cPanel (they have their own hosting control panel), then its OK to host your website at AwardSpace.

We also have to let you know that AwardSpace is the best web hosting for UK and the best web hosting for small businesses as well. Similar to AtSpace, you will get Zacky website builder to design your websites without having any web development experience. If you are comfortable with WordPress, they have one-click WordPress install feature (and other CMSes) too.

6. AccuWebHosting

Free hosting in Canada with AccuWebHosting

Although it offers other scripts, AccuWebHosting zero cost WordPress hosting plan, as the name implies is specially optimized for hosting high speed WordPress sites. Despite having most strict criteria for approval to this plan among this list of best absolutely free website hosting providers, you will get a lot of benefits given below:

  • MySQL connections per user - 15
  • 100% free from ads of any kind
  • Data backup depending upon availability
  • 100 outgoing emails per hour
  • 768 MB Physical Memory
  • Fifteen concurrent connections
  • Monthly data transfer - Thirty GB
  • Multi-layer DDoS protection
  • Shared CPU

This hosting provider is different in that you need to submit informations such as your name, address, phone numbers etc., a government issued document in English language, and links to your social media accounts. Then they need to verify and approve your account (within 24 hours). After this step, you will get WordPress optimized SSD space of 2000 MB with Hyper caching plugin.

Do you want the best free site hosting company in Canada? This is it. Its a good choice for UK residents too. They encourage you to transfer your website from paid hosting at other provider to AccuWebHosting without having to take out your credit card.

You can use one custom domain name and no sub domain but you will get up to twenty five email accounts which you can also connect with Microsoft Outlook. They also provide support for PHP5, PHP7, Python, Perl, ten MySQL databases with PphpMyAdmin and Medis, cPanel and 5 FTP accounts. Now that`s a lot to have for a free account, right? No! You could have even more if you are planning to join a well-known university or currently enrolled at one. You will get a separate free student web hosting account called Education hosting plan valid until you graduate. The eligibility requirement to this plan is also somewhat strict though.

7. Weebly

Free hosting service from Weebly

If you do not plan to use custom domain and are OK with using sub domain, Weebly is the best choice for hosting your e-commerce store without paying a cent. It is also a good choice if you are an artist. With Weebly you can also:

  • Offer Faster checkout
  • Calculate taxes automatically
  • Get an inbuilt SEO
  • Add Lead capture form
  • Add Instagram feed
  • Get Chat/ email support
  • Participate in Community forum
  • Get SSL

We created and hosted one of our food related small business websites at Weebly for 10 straight years and from this we can say that they are really a good company to host your website for free. Weebly is a good option if you need really slick design for your website.

You will get shopping cart feature and can list an unlimited number of items to sell for your online store. You are also able to do real time inventory management, provide in-store pickup option, offer coupon codes, accept square gift cards etc. Essentially you will get everything needed to run an online store at least in the starting phase as we did without paying a cent.

8. FreeWebHostingArea

FreeWebHostingArea - a best fully free host

Hosting account at FreeWebHostingArea is completely free with no time limit but your site needs to get one visit a month (easy right?). Otherwise it will be deleted. You have options to use PHP 5.6, PHP 7.2 and more with most of the extensions enabled (if not then just contact them). Other notable points of this hosting provider are:

  • Website storage - 1.5 GB
  • Works with custom domain
  • Ads free web hosting (for new websites)
  • Apache 2.4 modules including mode_rewrite is enabled
  • .htaccess and .htpasswd supported
  • MySQL database, phpMyAdmin, SSI, FTP, Hosting Control Panel

This volunteer maintained free hosting platform is one of the oldest in the field of free hosting and that is exactly why it is reliable. In our view they have everything compared to a paid plan except SSL (good news! its coming soon). Why? You won`t get unlimited website traffic plus support for all countries/ IDN, support for all domain extensions and multi-CPU dedicated SSD server with sufficient RAM (which makes your website load faster).

They also offer backups on daily/ weekly basis. On top of that, you will get an annual guaranteed uptime of 99.8%. There is one last thing to note though; if you are thinking of using this site for hosting a website that gets a lot of bot traffic or has adult content, then you are totally out of luck.

9. InfinityFree

Free hosting plan at InfinityFree

With its fastest host without cost hosting service, unlimited disk space and unmetered bandwidth, you can use a massive 400 number of MySQL databases at InfinityFrees free hosting tier. Other features you can enjoy are as given below:

  • SSL, .htaccess
  • Number of MySQL 5.6 databases - 400
  • PHP 5.4 to 7.4
  • Uptime - 99%

They are able to offer free hosting service due to the ads displayed in their own website and your admin dashboard but not in your website. And this is the exact reason that at InfinityFree, you are also not required to enter any credit card details for creating an account.

They use Softaculous script installer for easy installation of WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop and other CMSes. Regarding domain name, either you can use your own custom domain or use the sub domain provided by them free of cost.

10. Wix

Wix - a free hosting platform

While you cannot upload your custom built website, install WordPress or other CMS, Wix provides its own editor to build websites which is great if you are a beginner. Without paying a dime, you will have features as mentioned below with Wix:

  • 500 MB cloud storage
  • 500 MB bandwidth
  • Secure (web hosting with SSL, DDoS protected)

Being one of the best quality service provider for website building and hosting for their paid plan is itself an indication of why you want to have a free hosting account at Wix. They have tons of website templates to start with and you will get a global CDN for faster page load speed.

Be warned though, you can not connect a custom domain (you have to use Wix given sub domain) and Wix ads are shown in your website. Also you can not create an online store with their free plan unlike Weebly. But in case of security, you don`t have to worry a bit. Overall, do not expect much from them in the free plan. But we must tell you the truth; you will build really high quality, professional and scalable website if you buy their premium plans (although a bit expensive, not quality wise though).

11. WordPress

Free hosting at WordPress

When you use WordPress, you will be using the most widely used website builder platform for as long as you want. You can create a blog, an online store or any website of your choice with a huge collection of customizable free and ready-to use website templates in relatively faster time. Not that much in the free plan, but something is better than nothing. Here are their pros and cons :

  • Best free website hosting for WordPress
  • Most popular platform for building websites
  • No coding knowledge required (beginner friendly)
  • No custom domain but sub domain
  • WordPress ads displayed on websites

Many popular websites are built with WordPress due to its ease of use, good documentation, wide range of available designs and the use of one of the most widely used programming language (PHP) as its base. But like Wix, do not expect much from this platform as well for its free plan.

You will have to upgrade to a paid plan even for a trivial thing like using custom domain. However WordPress sub domain is not like random sub domain from other xyz. Many popular personality use this platform for blogging with WordPress sub domain. We highly recommend this platform if you are in search for the best hundred percent free website hosting platform for a beginner or a student due to its huge potential skillwise and to learn how a CMS works.

TL;DR (Summary)

Its true that free hosting websites are able to offer fully free site hosting service by limiting one or the other resources such as slower speed, lower bandwidth, lesser storage, no security (SSL), higher downtimes, no backup, no customization, limited or no support, low grade performance, no flexibility, only supports static sites etc. But it does not mean that all the free hosting providers are crap and you must go for paid plan for better performance.

There are companies which provides genuine free hosting service to let you test their platform in the hope that when its time for you to go for a premium service, you will chose them. These companies do not do any bad to you except limiting some resources (you can understand that they have to do this when they are making $0 from you). WordPress, AtSpace, Weebly, Wix and FreeWebHostingArea are some of them.

Now that you have seen a list of 15 best fully free website hosting providers, its up to you which one you go with. But make sure to upgrade to a premium plan as soon as you can. We ourself try out free for life hosting service if we are not ready for a paid plan or we are not sure if the project will work and go with cheap website hosting provider with quality service once we are sure the project has potential or for any long term commercial web project. Hence, our final suggestion to you would be not to host any data, codes or material which requires high level of security in free hosting account and move onto a paid provider before its too late.

Finally, do not forget to check this list out as we will be updating this list regularly because there is always a lot of changes going on with these service providers mainly in their free hosting plans. If you have any queries, you can contact us. We wish a very best of luck to you for your web hosting journey.


Is Free web hosting really free?

It might depend on the hosting provider. Some hosting service companies might have an intention of providing the best service in their free plan because they believe that if a user of a free plan ever wanted to upgrade to a paid plan, s/he might choose them.

Other providers might have an assumption that free hosting users will rarely buy a premium service and that`s why they might decide to compensate their free offer by selling user info to third party companies.

But in almost all cases the free website hosting comes with conditions and restrictions.


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